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Last weekend has been a busy one for most of our athletes. They have taken part in the Midland Indoor Championships and in USA.

Midland Indoor Championships in Birmingham on 11 and 12 February 2017

60 Metres:

Senior Men: Jack Lawrence (U23) finished 2nd in a time of 6.84 (PB), Leon Reid finished 3rd 6.88 and Peter Shand 8th 7.16 (7.15 PB in semifinal). Other athletes were: In semifinals Fabian Batchelor (U23) 7.19 and Mathias Francis 7.21 (SB)

U20 Men: Kaie Chambers-Brown 3rd 7.11 and Stefan Dupey-Whyte 7.18 4th (run 7.12 (PB) in semifinal). In the heats Brandon Waltham 7.60 and George Whitby-Hayes 7.79 (SB)

U17 Men: Oshay Williams 5th in 7.32 (run a PB in SF 7.31). Rashawn Brown run 7.39 (PB) in semifinals. In the heats Benjamin Harrington 7.63 (PB) and Rhys Coles 7.92 (PB).

U15 Boys: Kyle Boden finished 2nd in 7.57 (PB).

Senior Women: Dionne Samuels won the race in 7.84 (PB). Katrina Hart T37/F37 9.56 (SB).

U20 Women: Anya Bates 4th in 7.95 (run 7.93 in the heats (PB)), Ally Emanuel 5th 7.96 (PB) and Tia Devlia 8.23 in the heats.

U17 Women: Cassie-Ann Pemberton won the event in 7.71 which was a SB and Lauryn Walker finished 3rd in 7.99 (run 7.91 (SB) in the heats).

U15 Girls: Leah Okorhi 3rd in 8.12 (PB), Cashyila McDonald 4th 8.14 (PB) and Amber Dunkley-Darby 8.33 (run 8.23 (PB) in semifinal). Euriella Cristovao 8.60 in semifinal,  and in the heats Freya Liddington 8.75, Rosina Orton 8.78, Luka Emanuel 8.86 (PB), Rhiana Burrell 8.95 and Abbie Pearce 9.26.

U13 Girls: Sophia Deans finished second in 8.59 and Lacey Dutton 4th 8.92 (PB). In the semifinals Esme Abraham run 9.35 (PB) and Mollie Mae Peniket-Aldridge 9.41.

200 metres:

Senior Men: Leon Reid won the final in a SB of 21.10.

U20 Men: Kaie Chambers-Brown finished 3rd in 22.00 (SB). In the heats George Whitby-Hayes run 25.02 (SB).

U17 Men: Oshay Williams 4th in 23.69 (run 23.30 (PB) in semifinal).

U15 Boys: Rashaan Okotie 25.55 (PB) in the heats.

Senior Women: Nardhia Kidd-Walker won the race in 25.32 (SB) and Michelle Thomas V45 27.41 (SB) in SF.

U20 Women: In the heats, Chloe Chapman 26.52 (SB) and Tia Devlia 26.65 (SB).

U17 Women: Lauryn Walker 4th in 26.48 (run 26.20 (PB) in semifinal).

U15 Girls: Amber Threlfall 29.09 (SB) in the heats.

300 metres:

U17 Women: Beth Lloyd 4th 43.48 (run 43.21 (SB) in semifinal). In the heats, Jasmin Drummond 44.70 (SB), Louise Robinson 45.13 (SB) and Leah Spencer 46.68 (PB).

400 metres:

Senior Men: In the heats, Nicholas Kanonik 49.85 (SB) and Simbarashe Rwambiwa (U23) 50.17.

U20 Men: Elliot Dunn 3rd in 50.28.

U17 Men: Ajohntae Smith 57.65 (PB) in the heats.

Senior Women: Amy Hillyard (U23) won in 56.73 (SB) with Hermione Plumptre 2nd in 56.96 (PB).

U20 Women: In the heats, Lauren Butler 62.22 (PB) and Olivia Worth 64.73 (PB).

800 metres:

Senior Men: Ben Topley 1st in 1:57.30 (SB) and Ben Griffiths 3rd in 1:58.94 (SB).

U20 Men: Yahye Dirir 4th in 2:00.09 (In the heats 1:58.67 (SB)). In the heats, Nathan Bailey run 2:16.16 (PB) and Harry Sachs 2:16.40 (SB).

U17 Men: Christopher Gaskell 2:27.65 (SB) in the heats.

U20 Women: Karys Amory 4th 2:18.06 (SB) and Savannah Doherty 6th 2:27.20 (SB).

U17 Women: Leah Spencer 6th in 2:31.12 (2:28.59 (SB) in the heats)

U15 Girls: Chloe Pettitt won the event in 2:30.01 (SB). In the heats Renee Williams run 2:49.14 (PB).

60 metres hurdles:

U17 Men: Jordan Ricketts finished 3rd in 8.53 (run 8.51 in the heats).

U20 Women: Anya Bates won in 8.80 (run (PB) 8.76 in the heats) and Ally Emanuel 5th 9.57 (in the heats 9.43). Shamilla Channer run 9.49 in the heats.

U17 Women: In the heats, Louis Robinson run 9.67 (PB).

U15 Girls: In the heats, Rosina Orton run 10.50 (PB), Olivia Hopwood 10.51 and Lacey Dutton (U13) 10.67 (PB).

High Jump:

U20 Women: Chloe Preston 3rd with a clearance of 1.60 (PB).

U17 Women: Phoebe Harland 2nd 1.65 (SB).

U15 Girls: Rhiana Burrell 2nd 1.50 (PB).

U13 Girls: Sophia Deans 3rd 1.25 (PB), Lacey Dutton 7th 1.22 and Esme Abraham 15th 1.01 (PB).

Don Kirby Invitational, Albuquerque, NM, USA on Friday, 10 February 2017

Adam Cotton finished 6th in the mile in a time of 4:19.68 (SB).

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