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Our athletes have taken part in competitions during last week and over the weekend.

AIT Grand Prix, Athlone, IRL on Wednesday, 15 February 2017

In the heats of 60 metres Senior Men Leon Reid run 6.88. In 1500 Senior Women Sarah McDonald finish 3rd in a time of 4:11.62 which was a seasons best. In the Senior Men High Jump, Mike Edwards finished 2nd with 2.20 (SB).

NEC Indoor Champs in Staten Island, NY, USA on 17-18 February 2017

Adam Walker -Khan competed in two events and winning both the Long Jump and Triple Jump with distances of 7.12 and 15.09 respectively. Both were seasons bests.

Istanbul Cup, Istanbul, TUR on 17 February 2017

Mike Edwards finished second with a height of 2.15 in High Jump.

BUCS Championships in Sheffield from 17 to 19 February 2017

60 metres: While in Senior Men Shad-Marc Aaron run 7.13 in the heats, Diani Walker finished 3rd in the final in a personal best time of 7.41.

200 metres: Nicholas Karonik finished 4th in 21.84 (SB). In Senior Women Loren Bleaken (U23) finished 5th in a time of 25.51, however she run 25.32 (SB) in the semi-finals.

400 metres: In senior men Simbarashe Rwambiwa (U23) run 50.67. Alistair Madondo (U23) run 55.74 (SB) in the heats. In Senior Women both Amy Hillyard (U23) and Melissa Roberts (U23) made the semifinal running 56.77 and 57.02 respectively. Melissa’s time was SB.

800 metres: Three Stags made the semifinal in Senior Men, Robert Umeokafor (23) running 1:54.51, Yahye Dirir (U20) 1:57.81 (PB), Ben Topley (U23) 2:00.14 (run :58.73 in the heats). Alastair Madondo (U23) run 2:04.99 in the heats (SB). In Senior Women Georgie Hartigan (U23) finished 2nd in the final with a Seosons Best time of 2:07.10

1500 metres: Fian Sweeney (U20) run 4:40.67 in the semifinal, which was SB.

60 metres Hurdles: Jake Porter won the event with a time of 7.96 while William Ritchie-Moulin (U23) finished 8th with 8.46 but run 8.21 in the heats.

Pole Vault Senior Men: Jack Phipps finished 4th with a height of 5.20.

Long Jump Women: Cara Trivett (U23) jumped 4.48 in the qualifying round.

Shot: Joey Watson (U23) finished 2nd with a throw of 16.47 in Senior Men, while Cara Trivett (U23) threw 9.57 (SB) in Senior Women during qualifying.

Muller Birmingham Grand Prix on Saturday, 18 February 2017

60 metres Senior Men: Kyle de Escofet (U23) finished 8th with a time of 6.87 having run 6.65 in the heats. Danny Talbot run 6.69 (SB) in the heats.

400 metres Senior Men: Jarryd Dunn finished 6th with a time of 47.27.

1000 metres Senior Women: Ever improving Sarah McDonald finished 5th with a time of 2:39.53 (SB).

60 metres Hurdles Senior Men: Jake Porter finished 6th with a time of 7.89 while Edirin Okoro 7th with 7.92.

Pole Vault Senior Women: Sally Peake cleared a height of 4.13 finishing in 7th position.

Long Jump Senior Women: Katie Stainton (U23) finished 6th with a jump of 6.06.

4×200 Relay: U17 Men 3rd 1:39.39 (SB), U17 Women 1st 1:46.93 (SB), U15 Girls 2nd 1:54.35 (SB) and U13 Girls 1st 1:59.35 (PB) CLUB RECORD.

Irish Life Health National Senior Indoor Champs, Athlone,IRL on 18-19 February 207

Leon Reid won both 60 metres and 200 metres with times of 6.74 (PB) and 21.08 (SB) respectively.

Birmingham Indoor Games on Sunday, 19 February 2017

60 metres:

Senior Men: Yannick Phippen 7.10 (S), Ed Ross (U23) 7.11 (PB), Peter Shand 7.20 and Mathias Francis 7.24.

U20 Men: Brandon Waltham 7.52

U17 Men: Sean Mhende 7.64 (PB), Benjamin Harrington 7.67 and Rhys Coles 7.91 (PB)

U15 Boys: Kyle Boden 7.62, Rashaan Okotie 7.94 (PB), Thiery Somers 8.18 (PB) and Karnell Nunes-Smith (U13) 9.01 (SB)

Senior Women: Dionne Samuels 7.91, Michelle Thomas V45 8.36 and Laura Sugar T44 8.61.

U20 Women: Ally Emanuel 7.88 (PB), Tia Devlin 8.09 (PB) and Turaya Bryan-Tracey 8.19 (PB)

U17 Women: Venise Elliott 8.50

U15 Girls: Olivia Hopwood 8.47 (PB), Lauren Bowman 8.71 (SB), Freya Liddington 8.77, Rhiana Burrell 8.78 (PB), Mirella Mangoo 8.82 (SB), Rosina Orton 8.82, Lacey Dutton 8.84 (PB), Abbie Pearce 9.23 and Mollie Mae Piniket-Aldridge 9.30 (PB).

U13 Girls: Farra Nijjar 9.97 (PB)

200 metres:

Senior Men: Ed Ross (U23) 21.68 (PB) and Yannick Phippen 22.59 (SB).

U20 Men: Ross Beale 24.25 (SB).

Senior Women: Nardhia Kidd-Walker 25.70 and Michelle Thomas V45 27.17 (SB).

U20 Women: Ally Emanuel 25.70 (PB) and Tia Devlin 26.78.

U17 Women: Venise Elliott 26.99 (SB).

U15 Girls: Lauren Bowman 29.33 (PB).

U13 Girls: Farra Nijjar 33.19 (PB) and Lacey Dutton 33.42 (PB).

300 metres:

U15 Boys: Omar Holness 41.52 (PB)

U13 Boys: Karnell Nunes-Smith 50.54 (PB)

U17 Women: Beth Lloyd 42.85 (SB)

400 metres:

U20 Men: Ross Beale 55.89 (PB)

Senior Women: Meghan Beasley 54.92

U20 Women: Lauren Butler 61.39 (PB) and Olivia Worth 64.99

800 metres:

U20 Men: Harry Sachs 2:13.52 (SB)

U20 Women: Karys Amory 2:19.30 and Savannah Doherty 2:25.99 (SB)

60 metre Hurdles:

U23 Women: Heather Paton 8.56 and Katie Stainton 8.78

U20 Women: Ally Emanuel 9.16 (PB) and Olivia Jones 9.47

U17 Women: Louise Robinson 9.3 (PB)

U15 Girls: Olivia Hopwood 10.39 and Rosina Orton 10.9

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