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At her first ever representation for the Club, Charlotte Williams smashed the Club record with a throw of 58.42 metres in U17 Women Hammer in winning her event.

Team Managers Report

After the first selection we again experienced a drop out over the final week and both Brian and I are grateful to the athletes who stepped in to cover where possible. Despite this we still had a lot of events to cover but hoped that we would be okay on the day. For the second year running the Ladies team was much stronger than the Men’s team.

The start of the day is always poor for us because the first 4 track events are all long hurdles and the men’s team has only had a handful of athletes in the last few years in this event and this year we had none. The ladies fared better but it always leaves us struggling for points at the start of the day and hoping for recovery later in the day. We were 4th on the first announced scores which was quite worrying. However, as the day went on we established ourselves in the top two and if we had not had the bits of bad luck that happened as the day went on we could have been up there at the top at the end of the day.

We had injuries to two girls on the warm jumps, we had a disqualification in the U17M 4 x 100m and our U20M 4 x 100m team did not finish due to a hamstring pull with one of the athletes during the race. We could not get an U17M 4 x 400m team together either.

However, we did have some amazing performances and for the next meeting we will have more athletes cleared to help fill the spaces.

We had delighted athletes and disappointed athletes but overall the whole day was enjoyable with lots of season’s bests and personal bests. The athletes were extremely good and fought for every point that we got and they were a pleasure to be with.

Brian & Lyn (Team Managers)

The overall results – subject to scrutiny – were:

Match Points                                        League Points

1 Rugby & Northampton 691 pts                  6
2 Birchfield Harriers 644.5 pts                      5
3 Notts AC 621 pts                                          4
4 Marshall Milton Keynes 593 pts                3
5 Cannock & Stafford 516.5pts                     2
6 Wolverhampton & Bilston 462 pts            1

The results were as follows:

U20 Ladies Results

100m (A) 1st Gina Akpe-Moses 11.8s sb (1.9), (B) 3rd Venise Elliot ^ 13.5s sb (-1.9)
200m (A) 1st Gina Akpe-Moses 24.4s (4.4), (B) 5th Venise Elliot ^ 27.7s (4.1)
400m (A) 4th Karys Amory 63.5s sb, (B) 3rd Olivia Worth 64.7s
800m (A) 1st Bryony Gunn 2:22.3s sb, (B) 1st Karys Amory 2.23.3s
1500m (A) 1st Bryony Gunn 4:49.3s sb, (B) 1st Carmen Elliott 5.14.2s pb
3000m (A) 1st Bryony Gunn 10:48.9s sb, (B) no athlete
1500m S/C No athletes
100mH (A) 1st Anya Bates 14.3s pb (3.3), (B) no athlete
400mH (A) 4th Shamilla Channer 76.7s pb, (B) no athlete
High Jump (A) 2nd Olivia Jones 1.65m sb, (B) no athlete
Long Jump (A) 2nd Anya Bates 5.69m, (B) 1st Abazz Shayam-Smith 5.22m
Triple Jump (A) 1st Abazz Shayam-Smith 12.06m pb, (B) no athlete
Pole Vault (A) 1st Imogen Smith 3.25m, (B) no athlete
Shot (A) 1st Nichole Birmingham 11.18m, (B) 1st Olivia Jones 9.65m pb
Discus (A) 3rd Candy Lockett 30.65m, (B) no athlete
Javelin (3) 3rd Harriet Woodward 34.86m pb, (B) no athlete
Hammer (A) 3rd Candy Lockett 46.31m pb, (B) 2nd Nichole Birmingham 36.43m pb
4 x 100m Relay: 2nd 49.6s SB Verity O’Shea, Anya Bates, Venise Elliott, Gina Akpe-Moses
4 x 400m Relay: 3rd 4:17.1s SB Karys Amory, Olivia Worth, Caitlin McMorrow(U17), Verity O’Shea

U17 Ladies Results

100m (A) 1st Cassie-Ann Pemberton 12.4s sb (0.9), (B) 2nd Jasmine Lovell 13.3s pb (1.0)
200m (A) 1st Cassie-Ann Pemberton 25.0s pb (1.1), (B) 2nd Jayda Regis 25.6s sb (0.4)
300m (A) 1st Chelsey Marsden 41.6 pb, (B) 1st Jasmin Drummond 42.4s sb
800m (A) 4th Cailtin McMorrow 2:29.8s, (B) 1st Leah Spencer 2:29.6s
1500m No athletes
3000m No athletes
1500 S/C No athletes
80mH (A) 2nd Louise Robinson 12.4s pb (4.2), (B) 3rd Sophie Meehan 14.7s pb (3.7)
300mH (A) 2nd Louise Robinson 46.2s pb, (B) 1st Sophie Meehan 50.9s pb
High Jump (A) 2nd Phoebe Harland 1.60m, (B) 1st Jemimah Agbonglahor 1.45m sb
Long Jump (A) 6th Eve Greenway 4.28m, (B) No athlete
Triple Jump (A) 1st Lemeyah Isaac 10.86m, (B) No athlete
Pole Vault No athletes
Shot (A) 4th Imogen Reeves 8.36m pb, (B) No athlete
Discus (A) 1st Tori Hamplett 31.21m pb, (B) 1st Louise Whitehouse 27.74m
Javelin (A) 1st Tori Hamplett 34.28m sb, (B) 1st Charis Okirie 26.97m pb
Hammer (A) 1st Charlotte Williams * 58.42m (NEW CLUB RECORD), (B) No athlete
4 x 100m Relay: 1st 50.3s SB Chelsey Mardsen, Louise Robinson, Jayda Regis, Cassie-Ann Pemberton
4 x 300m Relay: 1st 2:53.8s SB Sophie Meehan, Chelsey Marsden, Louise Robinson, Jasmine Drummond

U20 Men’s Results

100m (A) 1st Kaie Chambers-Brown 10.7s pb (1.9), (B) 2nd Stefan Dupey-White 11.1s pb (2.0)
200m (A) 1st Kaie Chambers-Brown 21.8s pb (3.0), (B) 2nd Nyle McIntosh 23.3s pb (5.3)
400m (A) 1st Alex Clegg* 52.7s pb, (B) 4th Harry Sachs 55.6s pb
800m (A) 3rd William Richardson 2:00.5s sb, (B) No athlete
1500m (A) 1st William Richardson 4:01.2s sb, (B) No athlete
3000m (A) 1st William Richardson 9:02.6s sb, (B) 2nd Conall Green 10:06.0s pb
2000m S/C (A) 5th Nathan Bailey 8:22.10s pb, (B) No athlete
110mH No athletes
400mH No athletes
High Jump No athletes
Long Jump (A) 6th Alex Clegg* 4.82m, (B) No athlete
Triple Jump No athletes
Pole Vault (A) 2nd Alex Clegg* 2.75m, (B) No athlete
Shot (A) 1st Daniel Cartwright 17.04m, (B) 1st Kaie Chambers-Brown 10.70m pb
Discus (A) 1st Daniel Cartwright 42.27m sb, (B) 3rd Beau Morris 22.09m sb
Javelin (A) 1st Alex Clegg* 42.46m, (B) 2nd Beau Morris 25.19m sb
Hammer (A) 3rd Beau Morris 44.96m, (B) No athlete
4 x 100m Relay: Team DNF
4 x 400m Relay: 4th 3.41.0s sb José Duhaney (U17), Harry Sachs, Conall Green, Alex Clegg*

U17 Men’s Results

100m (A) 3rd Rashawn Brown 11.2s pb (-0.2), (B) 1st Oshay Williams 11.1s pb (4.0)
200m (A) 1st Oshay Williams 22.5s pb (2.6), (B) 1st Rashawn Brown 22.5s pb (2.1)
400m (A) 3rd José Duhaney 53.5s, (B) 2nd Lewis McKeown 54.5s pb
800m (A) 3rd Michael Gayle 2:12.2s pb, (B) 3rd Jared Malcolm-Roberts 2:15.6s pb
1500m (A) 6th Jared Malcolm-Roberts 4:42.6s pb, (B) No athlete
3000m (A) 6th Daniel Swain 10:32.4s sb, (B) No athlete
1500 S/C No athletes
100mH (A) 1st Jordan Ricketts 13.3s pb, (B) No athlete
400mH No athletes
High Jump (A) 4= Sean Mhende 1.65m pb, (B) No athlete
Long Jump (A) 2nd Ben Harrington 5.91m pb, (B) 3rd Rhys Cole 5.16m =pb
Triple Jump (A) 1st Sean Mhende 12.09m pb, (B) 1st Nathan Weir 11.12m pb
Pole Vault No athletes
Shot (A) 4th Zach Elliott 8.51m pb, (B) No athlete
Discus No athletes
Javelin (A) 5th Ben Harrington 15.10m pb, (B) No athlete
Hammer (A) 4th Ben Harrington 16.87m pb, (B) No athlete
4 x 100m Relay: Team DQ’d
4 x 400m Relay: No Team

* denotes 2nd claim ^ denotes U17

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