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Dunn to Campbell IAAF World Relays Bahamas 2017
On 22 and 23 April 2017, the IAAF World Relays took place in Nassau, Bahamas. The Team GB 4 x 400 Relay squad consisted of Matthew Hudson-Smith, Jarryd Dunn, Theo Campbell (all Birchfield) and Delanno Williams from Enfield & Haringey. The team qualified for the World Championships. At the same venue, our sprinter Daniel Talbot was one of the runners in Team GB 4 x 100 Relay squad.


The first YDL competition took place in Milton Keynes and our youngsters fought hard and managed to finish 3rd. The star of the day was Sophia Deans who run 11.50 in 70 metres hurdles U13 to break the Club Record but unfortunately, the wind was +2.1, so it was wind assisted. All the results from the day were as follows:

U15 Boys

100 metres: 1st Kyle Boden 11.90 (Race A), 2nd Kofi Bennett 12.17 (Race B)
200 metres: 2nd Kyle Boden 24.40 (Race A), 1st Kofi Bennett 24.63 (Race B)
300 metres: 2nd Omar Holness 39.86 (Race A), 2nd Kian Gould 42.93 (Race B)
800 metres: 3rd Sam McFall 2:20.26 (Race A), 3rd Kian Gould 2:26.88 (Race B)
1500 metres: 2nd Dylan King 4:37.3 (Race A), 1st Kyle Corbin 5:03.48 (Race B)
Long Jump: 1st Kyle Boden 5.67 (A)
Shot: 6th Rashawn Okotie 8.52 (A), 2nd Demanjit Bal 7.42 (B)
Discus: 5th Demanjit Bal 17.87 (A)
Hammer: 5th Demanjit Bal 9.11 (A), 2nd Omar Holness 6.53 (B)
Javelin: 5th Dylan King 17.13 (A), 4th Daniel Birch 11.72 (B)
4×100 metres: 2nd Kofi Bennett, Daniel Birch, Rashawn Okotie, Kyle Boden 49.57
4×300 metres: 2nd Omar Holness, Kian Gold, Dylan King, Aaron Warmington 2:54.46

U15 Girls

100 metres: 1st Leah Okorhi 12.65 (A), 1st Olivia Hopwood 13.51w (B)
200 metres: 1st Leah Okorhi 26.08 (A), 1st Amber Dunkley-Darby 27.30w (B)
300 metres: 5th Rosina Orton 47.50 (A), 1st Amber Threlfall 45.35 (B)
800 metres: 5th Chloe Pettit 2:28.19 (A), 6th Amelia Clnes 3:22.87 (B)
1500 metres: 6th Poppy Jones 6:00.26 (A), 6th Grace Brindley 6:11.20 (B)
75 metres hurdles: 2nd Olivia Hopwood 12.92 (A), 2nd Rosina Orton 14.42 (B)
Long Jump: 1st Freya Liddington 4.81 (A), 3rd Amber Dunkley-Darby 4.33 (B)
Hugh Jump: 1st Rhiana Burrell 1.58 (A), 2nd Amy Kelly 1.35 (B)
Shot: 3rd Rhiana Burrell 8.84 (A), 6th Rosina Orton 6.01 (B)
Discus: 4th Madison Jesson 12.73 (A)
Hammer: 4th Rhiana Burrell 18.46 (A)
Javelin: 6th Madison Jesson 9.22 (A), 5th Amber Threlfall 7.53 (B)
4×100 metres: 1st Leah Okorhi, Olivia Hopwood, Amber Dunkley-Darby, Freya Liddington 52.57
4×300 metres: 1st Rosina Orton, Amber Threlfall, Abbie Pearce, Chloe Pettit 3:08.54

U13 Boys

100 metres: 3rd Caleb Coley 13.93 (A)
200 metres: 6th Cole Bailey 31.50 (A), 6th Joshua Coley 29.98
800 metres: 1st Christian Chapajong 2:28.7 (A), 2nd Ben Furguson 2:37.95 (B)
1500 metres: 1st Archie England 5:05.61 (A)
75 metres hurdles: 4th Karnell Nunes-Smith 14.68 (A)
Long Jump: 6th Kaine Skeete 3.52 (A), 5th Karnell Nunes-Smith 3.45 (B)
High Jump: 6th Karnell Nunes-Smith 1.20 (A), 3rd Will Finlay 1.10 (B)
Shot: 4th Nehemiah Fuller 5.57 (A), 3rd Remor Shepherd-Brewster 5.51 (B)
Javelin: 2nd Archie England 28.84 (A), 4th Remor Shepherd-Brewster 8.68 (B)
4×100 metres: 4th Karnell Nunes-Smith, Cole Bailey, Joshua Coley, Caleb Coley 57.77

U13 Girls

75 metres: 2nd Sophia Deans 10.69 (A), 1st Izzy Thompson 10.80 (B)
150 metres: 3rd Izzy Thompson 21.27 (A), 1st Brooke Burton 21.59 (B)
800 metres: 2nd Emeline Grace 2:35.47 (A), 3rd Maya Whitehouse 2:55.39 (B)
1200 metres: 4th Lola Orton 4:26.14 (A), 3rd Anisa Hamilton 4:30.11 (B)
70 metres hurdles: 1st Sophia Deans 11.50w (A), 1st Lacey Dutton 12.78 (B)
Long Jump: 2nd Lacey Dutton 4.31 (A), 2nd Brooke Burton 3.62 (B)
High Jump: =2nd Sophia Deans 1.30 (A), 2nd Lacey Dutton 1.25 (B)
Shot: 5th Neva Beven 5.96 (A), 4th Rebecca Leach 5.61 (B)
Javelin: 5th Anisa Hamilton (A), 5th Neva Beven 9.74 (B)
4×100 metres: 1st Izzy Thompson, Lacey Dutton, Brooke Burton, Sophia Deans 55.67

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