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Our men won their first match at Sheffield on Saturday, 6 May 2017. We are the defending champions. Considering we had a lot of athletes not available for this fixture and last minute injuries, the team did the Club proud, especially the young athletes. There were quite a number of season bests and personal bests on the day. The team manager Dave Lawrence did a great job under difficult circumstances.

Match points (subject to scrutiny):

1st Birchfield Harriers 311 pts
2nd Newham & Essex Beagles AC 303
3rd City of Sheffield & Dearne AC 296
4th Woodford Green & Essex Ladies 271
5th Shaftesbury Barnet AC 261
5th Thames Valley Harriers 261
7th Southampton AC 253
8th City of Liverpool 215

The full results were as follows:

100 metres: (A) 2nd Kyle de Escofet (U23)10.85 (SB), (B) 1st Rio Mitcham (U20) 10.75
200 metres: (A) 2nd Elliott Powell (U23) 21.59 (SB), (B) 1st Rio Mitcham (U20) 21.74
400 metres: (A) 7th Peter Shand 49.50 (PB), (B) 8th Robert Umeokafor (U23) 51.57 (SB)
800 metres: (A) 4th Robert Umeokafor (U23) 1:53.34, (B) 7th Ben Griffiths 1:59.07 (PB)
1500 metres: (A) 3rd Alex Tovey 3:59.95 (SB), (B) 2nd Tom Beasley 4:01.46
3000 metres: (A) 7th William Richardson (U20) 8:32.91 (SB), (B) 4th Rory Grant 8:47.07 (SB)
110 metres hurdles: (A) 2nd Jake Porter 14.75, (B) 1st William Ritchie-Moulin (U23) 15.16
400 metres hurdles: (A) 7th Onajite Okoro 58.48, (B) 8th Matt Missen 69.99
3000 metres steeplechase: (A) 3rd Jonathan Goringe 9:32.39 (SB), (B) 3rd Matt Missen 10:01.46 (PB)
Long Jump: (A) 2nd Feron Sayers 7.49w (SB), (B) 1st Scott Hall 7.27 (SB)
Triple Jump: (A) 4th Mike McKernan 14.56 (SB), (B) 2nd Scott Hall 14.50 (SB)
High Jump: (A) 6th Ryan Webb (U23) 2.00, (B) 7th Adam Lubin (U23) 1.85
Pole Vault: (A) 2nd Jack Phipps 4.80, (B) 2nd Cameron Walker-Shepheard 4.60
Shot: (A) 5th Daniel Cartwright (U20) 15.48, (B) 8th Najee Fox 10.58 (SB)
Discus: (A) 6th Najee Fox 48.05, (B) 6th Daniel Cartwright (U20) 41.18 (PB)
Hammer: (A) 2nd Chris Shorthouse 66.51, (B) 1st James Bedford 63.58
Javelin: (A) 6th Greg Millar 64.02, (B) 3rd Craig Lacy 56.09
4x100m relay: 2nd Jack Lawrence, Rio Mitcham, Elliott Powell, Kyle de Escofet 41.68
4x400m relay: 8th Peter Shand, Christian Byron, Robert Umeokafor, Efe Okoro 3:20.75

UK Women Athletics League at Birmingham on Saturday, 6 May 2017

Just like the men, the team had a lot of athletes absent due to other commitments, injuries and last minute cancellations. On home turf, we could only manage third, however all those that turned up, gave their all.

Match points (subject to scrutiny):

1st Thames Valley Harriers 234.5 pts
2nd Edinburgh Ac 217 pts
3rd Birchfield Harriers 216 pts
4th Windsor, Slough, Enfield & Harringey 179 pts
5th Swansea Harriers 167 pts
6th Shaftesbury Barnet 157 pts
7th Blackheath & Bromley 126.5 pts
8th Woodford Green & Essex Ladies 112 pts

The full results were as follows:

100 metres: (A) 7th Charlotte Orton (U20) 12.50, (B) 3rd Mica Moore 12.13 (SB)
200 metres: (A) 3rd Gina Akpe-Moses (U20) 24.47, (B) 2nd Melissa Roberts (U23) 24.71 (SB)
400 metres: (A) 3rd Ese Okoro 54.35 (PB), (B) 6th Vicky Gittins (U20) 59.74 (SB)
800 metres: (A) 3rd Julia Cooke 2:11.68 (SB), (B) 1st Ejiro Okoro 2:12.01 (SB)
1500 metres: (A) 5th Fian Sweeney (U20) 4:44.35 (SB), (B) 3rd Karys Amory (U20) 4:48.30 (SB)
3000 metres: (A) 4th Bryony Gunn (U20) 9:44.44 (SB), (B) 1st Ellie Stevens 9:54.55 (SB)
100 metres hurdles: (A) Heather Paton (U23) 13.66 (SB), (B) No athlete
400 metres hurdles: (A) 5th Amy Hillyard (U23) 63.30, (B) 4th Julie Rogers (V50) 75.22 (SB)
2000 metres steeplechase: No athletes
Long Jump: (A) 6th Anya Bates (U20) 5.46, (B) 6th Cara Trivett (U23) 4.40
Triple Jump: (A) 1st Sineade Gutzmore 13.00. (B) 6th Amy Hillyard (U23) 8.33 (PB)
High Jump: (A) 2nd Bethan Partridge 1.75, (B) 3rd Chloe Preston (U20) 1.60 (SB)
Pole Vault: (A) 1st Henrietta Paxton 3.80, (B) 1st Elizabeth Edden 3.60
Shot: (A) 2nd Eden Francis 16.19 (SB), (B) 2nd Katie Stainton (U23) 11.45
Discus: (A) 1st Eden Francis 54.17 (SB), (B) 8th Sara Bobash 21.81 (SB)
Hammer: (A) 3rd Jessica Mayho 61.00, (B) 3rd Sara Bobash 54.06 (SB)
Javelin: (A) 7th Katie Stainton (U23) 36.09, (B) 3rd Felicity Bee (U23) 33.96
4x100m relay: 1st Heather Paton, Gina Akpe-Moses, Mica Moore, Melissa Roberts 46.08 SB
4x400m relay: 2nd Amy Hillyard, Ese Okoro, Ejiro Okoro, Hermione Plumptre 3:47.46 (SB)


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