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Our second meeting of the season saw us in sunny Rugby and with more names on the boys’ team sheet than the first match but unfortunately not so many girls.  Despite this we pulled together as a team and finished in 2nd place again.

We again experienced a drop out over the final week and both Brian and I thank the athletes who stepped in to help out and did an amazing job for us. We also have to thank their coaches for letting them do that for the team. Despite this we still had a lot of events to cover but hoped that we would be okay on the day.

The start of the day was much more positive for us as Artaga Hamilton stepped up to do the 400m hurdles despite only being asked to run the sprint hurdles. Not only did he step up but he finished 2nd and got us points that set us up for the day along with the points from Shamilla Channer in the ladies 400m hurdles.

The points early in the day do not do us justice and we were steadily staying in 3rd place but suddenly had so many black vests around that we got up to 2nd behind Rugby & Northampton and once we got there we stayed there.

Both our teams had new athletes in them and there were guest athletes in the ladies’ events who will be cleared for the next and next but one fixture.  However the boys’ team was missing our 2nd claim athlete Alex Clegg who was busy competing in the England U20 Decathlon Championships finishing 4th overall and 3rd Midland medallist and he set quite a few pb’s on the way.

This time the boys’ team managed to get all four relays round and we saw some exciting finishes for both the boys and the girls’ teams.

Once again we had lots of personal/seasons’ bests and the atmosphere in the team was incredible.  A special mention for Nathan Bailey who took 22 seconds off his personal best in the 2k S/C and to Fian Sweeney who lapped everyone at least once except two in the 3000m.

Our thanks go to the Officials who continue to work hard for the teams and to Loz Radburn & David Rock who were helping the Team Managers to be everywhere they were needed.

Brian & Lyn

The overall results – subject to scrutiny – were:

Match Points     League Points   After 2 Matches                                                                                       

1              Rugby & Northampton                  765 pts                                  6                              12

2              Birchfield Harriers                         678 pts                                  5                              10

3              Marshall Milton Keynes                660.5pts                               4                                7 (1253.5pts)

4              Notts AC                                          551 pts                                  3                                7 (1172 pts)      

5              Cannock & Stafford                        507 pts                                  2                               4

6              Wolverhampton & Bilston             485.5 pts                               1                                2

The full results were as follows:

U20 Men

100 metres: (A) 1st Rio Mitcham 10.5, (B) 1st Kaie Chambers-Brown 10.9
200 metres: (A) 1st Kaie Chambers-Brown 22.1, (B) 1st Elliot Dunn 22.9 (PB)
400 metres: (A) 2nd Elliot Dunn 49.7 (SB), (B) 4th Harry Sachs 56.1
800 metres: (A) 2nd Yahye Dirir 1:56.5 (PB), (B) 2nd Conall Green 2:03.9 (PB)
1500 metres: (A) 4th Reis Brooke 4:12.1 (PB), (B) 3rd Ben Prince 4:26.8 (PB)
3000 metres: (A) 4th Tom Ritchie 10:09.2 (PB)
110m Hurdles: (A) 1st Artaga Hamilton 16.2 (PB)
400m Hurdles: (A) 2nd Artaga Hamilton 62.4 (PB)
2000m S/C: (A) 5th Nathan Bailey 8:00.7 (PB)
Long Jump: (A) 6th Kaie Chambers-Brown 4.65 (PB)
High Jump: No competitor
Triple Jump: No competitor
Pole Vault: No competitor
Shot: (A) 1st Daniel Cartwright 17.07, (B) 1st Kaie Chambers-Brown 9.92
Discus: (A) 1st Daniel Cartwright 41.54, (B) 1st Beau Morris 27.52 (SB)
Hammer: (A) 2nd Beau Morris 47.56 (SB)
Javelin: (A) 4th Beau Morris 28.46 (PB)
4x100m Relay: 1st Stefan Dupey-Whyte, Rio Mitcham, Billy Lowndes, Kaie Chambers-Brown 42.8 (SB)
4x400m Relay: 2nd Harry Sachs, Conall Green, Yahye Dirir, Elliot Dunn 03:33.5 (SB)

U17 Men

100 metres: (A) 4th Rashawn Brown 11.2, (B) 1st Oshay Williams 11.2
200 metres: (A) 2nd Oshay Williams 22.6, (B) 1st Rashawn Brown 22.7
400 metres: (A) 2nd Jose Duhaney 51.4 (PB), (B) 2nd Lewis McKeown 54.7
800 metres: (A) 3rd Nathan Casey 2:09.8 (PB), (B) 3rd Jared Malcolm-Roberts 2:11.7 (PB)
1500 metres: (A) 6th Daniel Swain 4:32.4 (PB), (B) 5th Silas Goshawk 4:40.8 (PB)
3000 metres: (A) 6th Daniel Swain 10:23.3, (B) 5th Silas Goshawk 11:11.9 (PB)
100m Hurdles: (A) 1st Jordan Ricketts 13.6
400m Hurdles: No competitor
1500m S/C: No competitor
Long Jump: (A) 4th Alex Ross 5.09, (B) 3rd Nathan Weir 4.90 (PB)
High Jump: (A) 1st Ben Saunders 1.92 (=PB), (B) 1st Sean Mhende 1.65 (=PB)
Triple Jump: (A) 1st Sean Mhende 11.93, (B) 1st Nathan Weir 10.48
Pole Vault: No competitor
Shot: (A) 5th Zachary Elliott 8.67 (PB)
Discus: (A) 6th Nathan Casey 13.07 (PB)
Hammer: (A) 4th Alex Ross 34.03
Javelin: (A) 3rd Aaron Weeks 31.63, (B) 2nd Alex Ross 24.47 (PB)
4x100m Relay: 2nd Ben Somerville, Oshay Williams, Jordan Ricketts, Rashawn Brown 44.2 (SB)
4x400m Relay: 3rd Jared Malcolm-Roberts, Nathan Casey, Ben Prince, Jose Duhaney 3:42.3 (SB)

U20 Women

100 metres: (A) 3rd Charlotte Orton 12.2, (B) 6th Venise Elliott 13.4 (SB)
200 metres: (A) 3rd Charlotte Orton 25.2, (B) 1st Anya Bates 25.4 (PB)
400 metres: (A) 1st Vicky Gittins 58.8 (SB), (B) 1st Emma Barker 61.9 (PB)
800 metres: (A) 2nd Olivia Worth 2:27.7 (SB)
1500 metres: No competitors
3000 metres: (A) 1st Fian Sweeney 10:04.7
100m Hurdles: No competitor
400m Hurdles: (A) 4th Artaga Hamilton 79.10
1500m S/C: No competitor
Long Jump: (A) 1st Anya Bates 5.50
High Jump: (A) 2nd Pheobe Harland 1.55
Triple Jump: (A) 1st Jasmine Lovell 10.99 (PB)
Pole Vault: (A) 1st Imogen Smith 3.42 (SB)
Shot: (A) 1st Nichole Birmingham 11.31, (B) 1st Candy Lockett 8.80 (SB)
Discus: (A) 2nd Candy Lockett 32.21
Hammer: (A) 3rd Candy Lockett 45.60, (B) 1st Nichole Birmingham 41.23 (PB)
Javelin: (A) 3rd Harriet Woodward 32.13
4x100m Relay: 2nd Verity O’Shea, Anya Bates, Vicky Gittins, Charlotte Orton 49.10 (SB)
4x400m Relay: 2nd Caitlin McMorrow (U17), Verity O’Shea, Olivia Worth, Vicky Gittins 04:11.3 (SB)

U17 Women

100 metres: (A) 1st Cassie-Ann Pemberton 12.2 (SB), (B) 1st Lauryn Walker 12.8
200 metres: (A) 1st Cassie-Ann Pemberton 25.4, (B) 1st Jayda Regis 25.7
300 metres: (A) 1st Chelsey Marsden 41.4 (PB), (B) 1st Jasmin Drummond 42.0 (SB)
800 metres: (A) 4th Caitlin McMorrow 2:24.4 (PB), (B) 2nd Georgia Lees 2:28.6 (SB)
1500 metres: (A) 2nd Megan Taylor 4:55.4 (SB)
3000 metres: No competitor
80m Hurdles: (A) 4th Louise Robinson 12.5 (PB), (B) 2nd Eve Greenway 13.0 (PB)
300m Hurdles: (A) 2nd Louise Robinson 46.3, (B) 1st Sophie Meehan 50.3 (PB)
1500m S/C: No competitor
Long Jump: (A) 3rd Eve Greenway 4.97, (B) 2nd Jasmine Lovell 4.60 (SB)
High Jump: (A) =2nd Jemimah Agbonlahor 1.45, (B) 3rd Charis Okirie 1.30 (PB)
Triple Jump: (A) 1st Phoebe Harland 10.61 (SB), (B) 1st Jasmine Lovell 10.54 (PB)
Pole Vault: No competitor
Shot: (A) 3rd Louise Robinson 9.51
Discus: (A) 1st Louise Whitehouse 29.69, (B) 1st Tori Hamplett 29.47
Hammer: (A) 2nd Charlotte Williams 56.25
Javelin: (A) 1st Tori Hamplett 35.01 (SB), (B) 1st Charis Okirie 26.8
4x100m Relay: 2nd Eve Greenway, Jayda Regis, Venise Elliott, Chelsey Marsden 50.5
4x300m Relay: 1st Eve Greenway, Chelsey Marsden, Louise Robinson, Jasmin Drummond 02:50.7 (SB)

Points Score on the day:

1st Rugby & Northampton 765 points
2nd Birchfield Harriers 678 points
3rd Marshall Milton Keynes 660.5 points
4th Notts AC 551 points
5th Cannock & Stafford 507 points
6th Wolverhampton & Bilston 485.5 points

The rest of the weekend results were as follows:

Miting International, Costa Brava, SPAIN on Saturday, 27 May 2017

400 metres: Elliot Rutter 47.52, Long Jump: Scott Hall 7.23w

IFAM, Oordegam-Lede, BELGIUM on Saturday, 27 May 2017

WOMEN: 100 metres: Diani Walker 11.68, 200 metres: Nikita Campbell-Smith 24.86, 400m Hurdles: Amy Hillyard 63.89

MEN: 400 metres: Jarryd Dunn 46.58, Christian Byron 47.60, 800 metres: Theo Blundell 1:52.57

IAAF Diamond League, Eugene, Oregon, USA on Saturday, 27 May 2017

Senior Men 400 metres: Matthew Hudson-Smith 46.08, Senior Women Long Jump: Shara Proctor 6.63

U20/Senior Combined Events, Bedford on Saturday and Sunday, 27/28 May 2017

100 metres: Javaughan Parkes T36 (U23) 12.87 (PB), Katrina Hart T37/F37 15.19

200 metres: Katrina Hart T37/F37 30.84

100 metres Hurdles: Katie Stainton (U23) 14.36, Anya Bates (U20) 13.87

High Jump: Katie Stainton 1.70

Shot: Katie Stainton 11.41

Heptathlon: Olivia Jones (U20) 4263 (PB) – 100m H: 16.20, 200 metres: 28.24 (PB), 800 metres: 2:34.58 (PB), High Jump: 1.64, Long Jump: 5.10, Shot: 9.60, Javelin: 28.67

BMC Grand Prix, Sportcity on Saturday, 27 May 2017

800 metres: Robert Umeokafor (U23) 1:51.67

1500 metres Men: Thomas Beasley 3:53.87 (PB), 1500 metres Women: Fian Sweeney (U20) 4:41.20

5000 metres Men: Will Richardson (U20) 14:24.78 (PB), Nicky Hardy 15:22.21 (SB), 5000 metres Women: Bryony Gunn (U20) 17:15.35 (SB)

UK Javelin Carnival, Loughborough on Sunday and Monday, 28 and 29 May 2017

Senior Men: Greg Millar 69.70, Craig Lacy 61.76 (SB), Harry Marshall (U23) 52.77

Women: Emma Hamplett (U20) 48.71, Harriett Woodward (U20) 35.36 (PB)

Trafford AC Open, Stretford on Monday, 29 May 2017

100 metres: Charlotte Baron (U15) 14.66 (PB), Lauren Anderson (U15) 13.82 (PB)

200 metres: Lauren Anderson (U15) 28.59 PB

800 metres: Mya Vincent-Hall (U13) 2:43.27 (PB)

Newham Network Open, Newham on Monday, 29 May 2017

100 metres Men: Jack Lawrence (U23) 10.88, Peter Shand 11.01 (SB), Mustafa Mahmuud (U20) 11.05 (SB), Mathias Francis 11.52

100 metres Women: Diani Walker (U23) 11.72, Katrina Hart T37/F37 15.02

200 metres Men: Mustafa Mahmuud (U20) 22.02

200 metres Women: Katrina Hart T37/F37 31.62

400 metres Men: Simbarashe Rwambiwa (U23) 50.40, Delano Brown (U23) 52.35 (SB)

BIGish Jumps and Throws Festival, Beford on Monday, 29 May 2017

High Jump: Ryan Webb (U23) 2.09, Ben Saunders (U17) 1.92 (PB), Stephen Baker (U23) 1.73 (PB), Christopher Hewlett (U23) 1.65

Long Jump: Feron Sayers 7.35

Triple Jump: Men – Julian Reid 16.01, Brandon Waltham (U20) 12.56 (SB), Women – Sinead Gutzmore: 13.03

Discus: Najee Fox 49.95

Hammer: Chris Shorthouse 65.35


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