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Our third match of the season saw us with our best number of athletes and ability that we had be able to muster this year.  We had a few athletes who had been cleared to compete from 1 June available and were now eligible for selection.  We also welcomed back Tom Dodd for the first time this year.  We had high hopes of doing well.  We did not have many dropouts on the lead up to the weekend.

The start of the day saw us win the first race of the day since we can’t remember when as Artaga Hamilton won the A race of the 400m hurdles. That set the tone for the day and we finished the day by winning the last track race as well when the U20M 4 x 400m team won in a time of 3:27.5s.  We also had a lot of winners in between both male and female as you will see by the results.

Both teams had guest athletes as well – 5 in the ladies and 6 in the men – which shows that the interest in the competition is becoming more important for this age of athletes in the Club.

Because of various problems an U17M 4 x 400m relay team could not be put together but the 4 x 100m team ran albeit with one of the 4 x 400m team in it to ensure that we did not lose 2 relay teams in the results.

Once again we had lots of personal/seasons’ bests and the atmosphere in the team was incredible.  A special mention for Nathan Casey who took his personal best for the 3000m down from 10:34.9s to 9:55.4s, Daniel Swain who took his personal best for the 3000m down from 10:06.1s to 9:55.4s, Erin Tapley who took her personal best for the 1500m down from 5:26.48s to 5:14.9s, and finally to Charlotte Williams who broke the Club U17W hammer record with a throw of 59.12.

Our thanks go to the Officials who continue to work hard for the teams and to the coaches who let their athletes continue to compete in this League for the Club.

Brian & Lyn

The full results were as follows:

U20 Men

100 metres: (A) 1st Kaie Chambers-Brown 11.0, (B) 5th Ben Somerville 11.9
200 metres: (A) 1st Kaie Chambers-Brown 21.8, (B) 5th Nyle McIntosh 24.4
400 metres: (A) 1st Elliot Dunn 48.9 (PB), (B) 2nd Alex Clegg 53.9
800 metres: (A) 1st Yahye Dirir 1:56.3, (B) 1st Will Richardson 1:59.5 (SB)
1500 metres: (A) 1st Tom Dodd 4:00.0 (SB), (B) 1st Reis Brooke 4:14.5
3000 metres: (A) 1st Will Richardson 8:55.7, (B) 2nd Tom Ritchie 9:53.5 (PB)
110m Hurdles: (A) 1st Artaga Hamilton 16.0 (PB)
400m Hurdles: (A) 1st Artaga Hamilton 64.4
2000m S/C: (A) 6th Nathan Bailey 8:23.5
Long Jump: (A) 1st Alex Clegg 5.85, (B) 1st Xavier Ricketts 5.70
High Jump: No competitor
Triple Jump: (A) 2nd Xavier Ricketts 12.33 (PB)
Pole Vault: (A) 2nd Alex Clegg 2.15
Shot: (A) 1st Daniel Cartwright 17.15, (B) 1st Kaie Chambers-Brown 11.25 (PB)
Discus: (A) 1st Daniel Cartwright 41.79, (B) 1st Beau Morris 24.51
Hammer: (A) 2nd Beau Morris 46.60
Javelin: (A) 2nd Alex Clegg 45.14, (B) 2nd Beau Morris 30.59 (PB)
4x100m Relay: 4th Artaga Hamilton, Nyle McIntosh Xavier Ricketts, Kaie Chambers-Brown 46.7
4x400m Relay: 1st Alex Clegg, Yahye, Elliot Dunn, Tom Dodd 03:27.5 (SB)

U17 Men

100 metres: (A) 4th Rashawn Brown 11.3, (B) 1st Oshay Williams 11.4
200 metres: (A) 2nd Oshay Williams 22.7, (B) 1st Rashawn Brown 23.0
400 metres: (A) 2nd Jose Duhaney 51.7, (B) 1st Ben Prince 55.0 (PB)
800 metres: (A) 2nd Michael Gayle 2:06.4 (PB), (B) 1st Nathan Casey 2:11.8
1500 metres: (A) 2nd Ben Prince 4:25.6, (B) 5th Silas Goshawk 4:50.3
3000 metres: (A) 6th Nathan Vasey 9:54.4 (PB), (B) 2nd Daniel Swain 9.55.4 (PB)
100m Hurdles: No competitor
400m Hurdles: No competitor
1500m S/C: No competitor
Long Jump: (A) 2nd Morgan Treasure 5.93
High Jump: (A) 3rd Sean Mhende 1.60
Triple Jump: (A) 2nd Sean Mhende 11.60, (B) 2nd Ben Harrington 11.14
Pole Vault: No competitor
Shot: (A) 6th Zachary Elliott 8.41
Discus: (A) 5th Nathan Casey 13.89 (PB)
Hammer: (A) 5th Ben Harrington 15.86
Javelin: (A) 4th Aaron Weeks 28.41
4x100m Relay: 4th Ben Somerville, Michael Gayle, Ben Harrington, Rashawn Brown 47.0
4x400m Relay: No team

U20 Women

100 metres: (A) 3rd Vicky Gittins 12.8, (B) 2nd Turaya Bryan-Tracey 13.3 (SB)
200 metres: (A) 3rd Vicky Gittins 26.0, (B) 4th Monique Walcott 29.5 (PB)
400 metres: (A) 4th Verity O’Shae 61.4 (PB), (B) 1st Lauren Butler 61.8
800 metres: (A) 1st Bryony Gunn 2:19.9, (B) 2nd Georgia Lees 2:27.2
1500 metres: (A) 1st Bryony Gunn 4:48.8
3000 metres: No competitor
100m Hurdles: (A) 1st Anya Bates 14.1 (PB)
400m Hurdles: (A) 2nd Olivia Worth 74.5 (PB)
1500m S/C: No competitor
Long Jump: (A) 1st Anya Bates 5.61
High Jump: (A) 2nd Chloe Preston 1.55, (B) 1st Anya Bates 1.55
Triple Jump: (A) 1st Jasmine Lovell 10.39
Pole Vault: (A) 1st Imogen Smith 3.50 (=PB)
Shot: (A) 4th Nichole Birmingham 9.70, (B) 1st Candy Lockett 8.61
Discus: (A) 3rd Candy Lockett 22.52
Hammer: (A) 2nd Candy Lockett 45.89, (B) 2nd Nichole Birmingham 32.43
Javelin: (A) 1st Emma Hamplett 48.94
4x100m Relay: 2nd Verity O’Shea, Anya Bates, Vicky Gittins, Cassie Ann-Pemberton 49.8
4x400m Relay: 2nd Verity O’Shea, Olivia Worth, Lauren Butler, Vicky Gittins 4:12.1

U17 Women

100 metres: (A) 1st Cassie-Ann Pemberton 12.5, (B) 3rd Jasmin Lovell 13.3 (=PB)
200 metres: (A) 1st Cassie-Ann Pemberton 25.5, (B) 5th Ellie England 28.1
300 metres: (A) 1st Chelsey Marsden 41.2, (B) 1st Jasmin Drummond 42.3
800 metres: (A) 4th Caitlin McMorrow 2:27.5, (B) 1st Leah Spencer 2:27.0
1500 metres: (A) 3rd Rae Nicholls 5:07.8, (B) 2nd Erin Tapley 5:14.9 (PB)
3000 metres: (A) 1st Megan Taylor 10:53.3, (B) 1st Savannah Causer 11:31.4 (PB)
80m Hurdles: (A) 3rd Eve Greenway 12.7 (PB), (B) 3rd Sophie Meehan 15.1
300m Hurdles: (A) 6th Louise Robinson 52.5, (B) 1st Sophie Meehan 50.2 (PB)
1500m S/C: No competitor
Long Jump: (A) 1st Ellie England 5.40 (PB), (B) 1st Eve Greenway 5.06
High Jump: (A) 2nd Jemimah Agbonlahor 1.45
Triple Jump: (A) 1st Lemeyah Isaac 10.55, (B) 1st Ellie England 9.22
Pole Vault: No competitor
Shot: (A) 3rd Louise Whitehouse 8.58
Discus: (A) 1st Louise Whitehouse 30.91 (PB), (B) 1st Tori Hamplett 25.56
Hammer: (A) 2nd Charlotte Williams 59.12 (NEW CLUB RECORD)
Javelin: (A) 2nd Tori Hamplett 34.75 (SB), (B) 1st Tia Nicholls 26.46
4x100m Relay: 2nd Eve Greenway, Jayda Regis, Venise Elliott, Chelsey Marsden 50.5
4x300m Relay: 1st Eve Greenway, Chelsey Marsden, Louise Robinson, Jasmin Drummond 02:50.7 (SB)

Points Score on the day – subject to scrutiny:

1st Rugby & Northampton 729 points
2nd Birchfield Harriers 721 points
3rd Marshall Milton Keynes 577.5 points
4th Notts AC 529 points
5th Wolverhampton & Bilston 460 points
6th Cannock & Stafford 407 points

We now qualified for the Area final on Sunday 23 July in Yate.

Other results from the weekend:

Bethan Partridge finished 2nd in high jump with a height of 1.83 in France, while in Spain Joel Fearon finished 3rd in 100 metres in 10.25 and Elliot Giles won 800 metres in 1:48.58. In the European Athletics Team Championships held in Lile, France, Sally Peake cleared 4.35 in Pole Vault which is a seasons best and Shara Proctor finished 9th in Triple Jump with 13.39. Jarryd Dunn ran the second leg in 4×400 Relay.

In the British Masters Championships held in Birmingham on 24 and 25 June 2017, the Stags came away with 8 golds, 2 silvers and a bronze. Gold medallists were:

100 metres: Michelle Thomas V45 13.25
800 metres: Charlie Thurstan V40 2:02.41
1500 metres: Charlie Thurstan V40 4:24.44 (PB)
5000 metres: Orlando Corea V40 16:00.34 (SB)
300m Hurdles: Julie Rogers V50 50.92 (PB)
3000m Walk: Mark Williams V50 14:46.59 (SB)
5000m Walk: Mark Williams V50 25:50.77, Peter Boszko V65 28:02.29 (SB)

Silver medallists:

400 metres: Charlie Thurstan V40 51.61 (PB)
800m Hurdles: Julie Rogers V50 13.85 (SB)

Bronze medallist:

5000m Walk: David Fall V70 39:15.21

BMC Grand Prix held at Watford on 24 June 2017

Three stags had personal bests: Mari Smith ran 2:04.19 in 800 metres. Jake Hayward U20 and Tamara Armoush ran 3:44.31 and 4:18.25 respectively in 1500 metres.

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