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Senior men defended their title in style on Sunday, 20 August 2017 at Hendon by winning the last match by 77 points. The stags won all four matches this season. Congratulations to all our athletes that took part this season and especially the Team Manger, Dave Lawrence, who not only managed the team but also made history by winning the Premiership for the third year in a row. They will now represent Great Britain in the European Club Championships in May 2018. The full results:

100 metres: (A) 2nd Leon Reid 10.71, (B) 1st Elliott Powell (U23) 10.82
200 metres: (A) 2nd Leon Reid 21.38, (B) 1st Elliott Powell (U23) 21.25
400 metres: (A) 2nd Christian Byron 48.02, (B) 3rd Peter Shand 49.77
800 metres: (A) 2nd Jack Hallas 1:54.85, (B) 3rd Patrick Taylor (U23) 1:54.58
1500 metres: (A) 4th Jack Hallas 3:57.49, (B) 1st Tom Dodd (U20) 3:59.82
5000 metres: (A) 7th Rory Grant 15:18.09, (B) 4th Alistair Rutherford (U23) 15:28.93 (PB)
110 metres Hurdles: (A) 1st Jake Porter 14.37, (B) 1st Edirin Okoro 14.10
400 metres Hurdles: (A) 7th Onajite Okoro 58.34 (SB). (B) 5th Ben Gregory 55.46 (SB)
3000 metres steeplechase: (A) 3rd Jonathan Goringe 9:21.74 (SB), (B) 1st Ed Banks 9:34.44 (PB)
High Jump: (A) 1st Mike Edwards 2.13, (B) 1st Ryan Webb (U23) 2.08
Pole Vault: (A) 2nd Ben Gregory 4.98, (B) No athlete
Long Jump: (A) 5th Scott Hall 6.96, (B) 2nd Myles Durrant-Sutherland (U23) 6.76
Triple Jump: (A) 7th Ben Gregory 12.54 (SB), (B) No athlete
Shot: (A) 5th Dan Cartwright (U20) 15.04, (B) 2nd Edward Dunford 13.89
Discus: (A) 5th Najee Fox 49.56, (B) 5th Edward Dunford 37.99
Hammer: (A) 1st Chris Shorthouse 65.07, (B) 1st James Bedford 63.08
Javelin: (A) 1st Craig Lacy 67.71 (SB), (B) 1st Greg Millar 64.92
4 x 100 metres Relay: 1st Jack Lawrence, Nick Prentice, Elliott Powell, Leon Reid 41.06
4 x 400 metres Relay: 4th Peter Shand, Christian Byron, Elliott Powell, Leon Reid 3:27.18

Match Result – subject to scrutiny:

1st Birchfield Harriers 367 points
2nd Woodford Green Essex Ladies 290 points
3rd Newham & Essex Beagles 285.3 points
4th Thames Valley Harriers 272 points
5th Sheffield & Dearne 264 points
6th Shaftesbury Barnet 261 points
7th City of Liverpool 227.3 points
8th Southampton AC 225.3 points

Overall Results – subject to scrutiny:

1st Birchfield Harriers 32 points (1365.0)
2nd Newham & Essex Beagles 24 points (1157.3)
3rd Woodford Green Essex Ladies 22 points (1101.0)
4th Shaftesbury Barnet 19.5 points (1100.0)
5th Sheffield & Dearne 17 points (1073.5)
6th Thames Valley Harriers 16.5 points (1046.0)
7th Southampton AC 8 points (966.8)
8th City of Liverpool 5 points (865.3)


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