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Eddie Cockayne (Team Manager), Danielle Hodgkinson, Bryony Gunn, Mari Smith,  Becky Straw

Eddie Cockayne (Team Manager), Danielle Hodgkinson, Bryony Gunn, Mari Smith, Becky Straw

Our Senior Ladies won a bronze at the National Women’s 4-Stage Road Relays on Saturday, 7th October 2017 at Sutton Park.

Strange day, the team’s fortunes got better as the weather got worse. After some promising results from the juniors in reasonable weather the wind picked up a lot to make conditions a bit tough. We had a good team and though things didn’t go exactly to plan we finished 4th on the road running some 16 seconds quicker than the overall time in the Midland race two weeks before. As there was a British championship medal and three English championship medals, Aldershot won, Leeds were second, Swansea were third and we were fourth. Aldershot got both British and English medals, Leeds got English silver and we got English bronze.

A Team 4th. 1:00:23
Leg 1, Corporal Danielle Hodgkinson came all the way down from North Yorkshire, not only was it good to see her again, she got us off to a great start coming back in 9th with a time of 14:48
Leg 2, Bryony Gunn (U20), in far more difficult conditions managed to shave off 14 seconds from her Midlands time and gained 2 places with a time of 15:20.
Leg 3, Mari Smith (U23) thought she’d shaken off the effects of a cold but in fact didn’t feel good at all on her leg however she still managed to hold position in 7th with a time of 15:27
Leg 4, Becky Straw (U23) gained 3 places to bring the team home in 4th place in a time of 14:48.


B Team 32nd. 1:05:48
Leg 1, Chloe Richardson was not race fit, however never doubt Chloe’s determination , on first leg it was a straight race for her and she came back in 13th with a fine time of 15:01 for her first competitive race for some time after struggling with illness and injury.
Leg 2, Amanda Wright-Smith (V45) fell off a curb to avoid a dog and hurt her hip two days before the race. Nevertheless determined to turn out and she did and ran 7 secs. quicker than two weeks ago coming back in 15:02
Leg 3, Lizzie Watters ran close to her Midlands time in 16:51
Leg 4, Frances Vickers (V35) had an amazing run by managing to shave off 37secs. from her Midlands time and closing the team with a time of 17:54.

C Team 64th 1:15:30
Leg 1, Nicola Ross (V40) returned to winter competition with a decent run in 19:01.
Leg 2, Kathryn Salt also made a huge improvement of 25 secs. on her Midlands performance with a time of 18:58
Leg 3, Louisa Davidson (V35) ran despite having to work till 1pm. and managed to run 18:43
Leg 4, Amy Hillyard (U23) despite being a 400m. runner was desperate to show off her Spanish/Greek sun tan and somewhat nervously ran a decent 18:44.

D Team
Leg 1, Kimberley Thomas (Sharman) ploughed a lonely but important furrow and was timed at 20:31.

There were 85 complete teams and at least 20 incomplete teams .

Should also thank Senior Management for unstinting assistance as ever.

Report by Eddie Cockayne



Contrary to the previous evenings weather predictions for wet and windy weather we arrived at the venue pleasantly surprised by the benign conditions which bade well for a distant running event.

The U13 boys “A” team again being led off on 1st leg by Ryan Hand 14.17s. Seb Taylor 14.53s. carving 24 seconds off his Midlands leg time and Alex Cook 15.14s. The team finished in 20th place in a time of 44.24s. the race being won by Aldershot & Farnham in 40.31s.

The U13 “B” team of Josh Coley 16.59s. Ben Ferguson 16.43s. and Christian Chapajong 15.32s and gaining 11 places on his leg finished in 56th place. 75 teams started the race.

The U15 Boys teams 1st leg runner Ryan Shields took Birchfield into the lead on leg one in a time of 12.34s. which also eventually proved to be U15 Boys fastest leg of all, a repeat of what he achieved at the Midlands event. 2nd leg runner Dylan King 13.33s. held 3rd place on the completion of his leg. James Vaughan given the unenviable task of holding on to the bronze medal position slipped back into 4th team place despite running a faster leg than he did in the Midlands event. James is the youngest member of the team and has another year in this age group. The team finished in a time of 39:33s. just 12 seconds off third team. The Race was won by Hillingdon AC. in 38.57s.

The U15 Boys “B” team were Alex Stapleton 13.42s. Sam McFall 13.40s. and Conal Smith 14.10s. They finished in a very creditable 25th place. In an incomplete “C” team Jordan Fisher Brindle 13.53s and Henri Bedford 14.28 both ran much improved times.

Birchfield’s young U17 Men’s team all of whom will be competing in this age group next year finished in 40th place. Michael Gayle 13.08s. Dan Swain 13.43s. and Jarred Malcom Roberts 13.27s all recorded improved times compared to the Mdlands event. The team finished in a time of 40.24s.

The U17 “B” team finished in 53rd place. Nathan Casey 13.48s,Silas Goshawk 14.47s.and Hugo Villabos Finigan 14.21s. Both Nathan and Hugo recovering from a below par performance a fortnight ago. The winning team were Aldershot & Farnham in a time of 36.09s.

With fourteen of Birchfield’s twenty young athletes recording improved times on the course today and no disasters this has to go down as a very pleasing  team performance. The cross country season gets under way next Sunday.

Finally, Ryan Shields, another supreme performance WELL DONE!

Report by Tony Frain
Young Athletes Boys/Men’s U17 Road & Cross Country Manager.


U13 Girls were first up and they did well finishing in 9th in a time of 47:23

Leg 1 Amy Harland got us to a great start coming back in 3rd in a time of 14:33 which was the fifth fastest on the day.
Leg 2 Emmeline Grace held 7th place in 16:21
Leg 3 Hope Kendall ran 16:29 bringing the team home in 9th, out of 65 complete teams.

U17 Women did well finishing in 26th place in a time of 48:30, out of 42 teams that completed the course.

Leg 1 Megan Taylor came in 32nd place in 15:58
Leg 2 Savannah Causer gained four places in 16:09
Leg 3 Georgia Lees gained another two [places to bring the team home in 16:23.


We had two teams in the senior men. Team A finished in a respectable 22nd position while team B finished in 63rd out of 82 teams.

Ed Banks brought the team home in 80th position for Team A in a time of 20:18. Alex Tovey, running Leg 2, gained 21 places in a time of 18:11. In Leg 3, Rory Grant gained another seven places with 19:05. William Richardson (U20) in leg 4 ran a superb race in a time of 17:47 gaining another 19 places, which was 6 seconds faster than his Midland time. Jonathan Goringe, as reliable as ever, managed to gain another seven places with 18:21. He also improved by 19 seconds from the Midlands. In the final leg, our other youngster, Thomas Dodd (U20) brought the team home in 22nd with his effort of 18:08, which was 14 seconds faster than his Midland time. Time was 1 hr 51:50.

Team B, Leg 1 Orlando Corea (V40) in 66th with 19:18
Leg 2 Ben griffiths held onto his position in 19:45
Leg 3 Alistair Rutherford (U23) improved 9 places in a time of 19:23
Leg 4 Teklay Gebrekidan (U23) slipped to 65th in 20:47
Leg 5 Jonathan Cullen (V40) gained two places with 20:29
Leg 6 Peter Dimbleby (V40) kept his position with 21:21. Team time was 2 hrs 01:03.

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