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The ECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships were held at Mansfield on Saturday, 4 November 2017.

Senior Women:

A team 6th 31:28

Leg 1, Once again Tamara Armoush made the tedious train journey from London and it was certainly worth it as her time would’ve graced any team including the winning one. She came back in 6th place with a time of 9:59
Leg 2 Katie Allen despite showing previous form had one of those runs you want to forget, she came back in 11th with a time of 11:00.
Leg 3 Julia Cooke is coming back into form and fitness gaining 5 places to close the team in a very creditable 6th place with a time of 10:27.

B team 22nd 33:49

Leg 1 Georgie Hartigan was also up from London and used her rare foray into cross country to good effect she ran a fine time of 10:30 to come back in 20th.
Leg 2 Susie McManus improving all the time ran 11:15 and came back in 21st.
Leg 3 Jenny Parker closed the team with a time of 12:02 in 22nd.

C team  61st  38:52

Leg 1 Frances Vickers was running here for the first time and came back in 77th place with a time of 12:39
Leg 2 Kathryn Salt was also on her debut run with a time of 13:48 gaining 2 places up to 75th.
Leg 3 Sarah Conway has had a world of injury problems this year and ran 12:24 which gained 14 places closing the team in 61st.

There were 128 complete teams

Report by Eddie Cockayne (Team Manager)

Senior Men:

A team 22nd 1:07:26.05

Leg 1 Alex Tovey was the first who came in 31st with a time of 16:25.80
Leg 2 Jonathan Goringe brought the team to 19th with a time of 16:25.95
Leg 3 Matthew Missen kept our position with a time of 17:02.45
Leg 4 Alastair Rutherford (U23) closed the team with a time of 17:31.85 in 22nd.

B team 55th 1:12:03.30

Leg 1 Yusef Idris ran 17:30.60 to come back in 74th
Leg 2 Ben Griffiths improved two places in a time of 18:26.30
Leg 3 Matt Biggs (V35) also improved 5 places with his time of 18:26.20
Leg 4 Patrick Taylor (U23) closed the team with a time of 17:40.20 in 55th.

C team – incomplete

Leg 1 Peter Dimbleby (V40) ran 19:56.25 to come back in 141st
Leg 2 Simon Rhodes (V40) ran 21:52.70 finishing in 147th place
Leg 3 Teklay Gebrekidan (U23) improved the team position to 123rd with a time of 18:43.85

There were 178 complete teams.

Junior Men:

Unfortunately we had an incomplete team but in the first leg Tom Dodd brought the team in 24th with a time of 9:22.90 and Harry Halford moved the team to 15th with a time of 9:36.50

U17 Men:

A team 60th 33:05.40

Leg 1 Nathan Casey was the first who came in 70th with a time of 10:28.00
Leg 2 Silas Goshawk improved three places with 11:21.40
Leg 3 Hugo Villaboss Finigan closed the team with a time of 11:16.00 in 60th

B team – incomplete

Noah Cooke was our sole representative who ran 13:03.95

U17 Women:

Leg 1 Meghan Taylor brought the team home in 62nd in a time of 10:29.80
Leg 2 Savannah Causer improved the team position to 39th with her time of 10:10.65
Leg 3 Caitlin McMorrow closed the team with a time of 10:57.85 in 40th.

U15 Boys:

Leg 1 Sam McFall ran 7:07.95 to come back in 57th
Leg 2 Conal Smith improved the team to 49th with a time of 7:19.85
Leg 3 Henri Bedford closed the team with a time of 7:43.30 in 54th.

U13 Boys:

Leg 1 Seb Taylor came in 88th with a time of 8:06.50
Leg 2 Alex Dickson improve to 57th in a time of 7:42.65
Leg 3 Christian Chapajong increased the position even further to bring the Club home in 50th with a time of 8:00.70

U13 Girls:

A team 65th 26:34.20

Leg 1 First off was Belle Skidmore who brought the team home in 109th in 9:16.05
Leg 2 Emmeline Grace improved our position to 68th with her time of 8:17.60
Leg 3 Hope Kendall further improved the time position to 65th with her time of 9:00.55

B team 98th 29:58.10

Leg 1 Vienna Blair ran 9:28.80 to come back in 117th
Leg 2 Caitlin Casey improved to 99th with her time of 9:52.20
Leg 3 Lucy O’Neill gained one more place in a time of 10:37.10


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