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Midland Women’s Cross Country League

MWCCL021217(1)Our ladies took part in the second race on Saturday, 2nd  December 2017, at Clopton Park, Stratford upon Avon.

We had five athletes in this race last year and fourteen this year. Slowly and steadily we are not only able to compete in quality, which we always have but we are convincing ladies that cross country is a wonderful way to be part of a Club team no matter at what standard.

There was a wonderful cavalry charge up the steep hill from the start (see photo)  and our team were at the forefront with Becky Straw, Chloe Richardson, Bryony Gunn, Karys Amory and Katie Allen.

The runners then disappeared for a while but at the end of the first lap Becky Straw determined to put behind her a disappointing performance at Liverpool seven days prior had a slender but significant lead from a Bham Uni athlete. Then Chloe Richardson, who also wasn’t happy at Liverpool, was in hot pursuit in third. Bryony Gunn wasn’t far behind neither was Katie Allen and Karys Amory.

The rest of the team were strung out amongst the several hundred competitors.

During the second lap positions remained approximately the same at the sharp end of the race except that Katie Allen had a problem only she could have in that she lost vision and had to stop which Karys took full advantage of. Katie eventually recovered and set off again after Karys who conveniently fell over allowing Katie to overtake her.

BecMWCCL021217ky scored a resounding victory with Chloe coming 3rd and Bryony 4th, Katie closed the scoring in 17th with Karys just behind in 19th.

Lizzie Watters appeared shortly to finish 38th. Sarah Conway was 43rd. Kathryn Salt had a strong run in 85th and Nicola Ross was 111th.

Val Carter made her first appearance for a while and finished 124th with Karys’ mum Kerry Amory in 136th Kimberley Thomas was 137th, Faye Morley 152nd and Emily Weir 178th.

There were 399 finishers and the positions I have given you do not include Division 2 runners as we are scored separately. There were two guest runners in front of Katie so in the scoring for teams her 17th became 15th. By my scoring Birmingham Uni scored 20 we scored 23 and Loughborough Uni 40 so we finished a clear 2nd and should retain the overall lead after 2 races.

Well done to all of you.

Report by Eddie Cockayne

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross Country League

Our senior men were in action on Saturday, 2 December 2017 in Division 1, Race 2 at Park Hall County Park, Stoke on Trent. The Team A finished in 4th place with 143 point but still lying in 2nd place after two events with 241 points.

Team A

First scorer was Jonathan Goringe who finished in 6th. Next scorer was Ed Banks who was 19th followed by Rory Grant in 22nd. The rest of the Team A scorers were Yousef Al-Lathaa in 28th, Cameron Shankly (U23) in 31st and Orlando Corea (V40) in 37th.

After two races, Jonathan Goringe is lying in 3rd place overall, with Ed Banks in 9th and Rory Grant in 12th.

Team B

Team B also finished in 4th with 577 points and lying 3rd overall after two races with 979 points. The scorers were Jonathan Cullen (V40) in 46th, Ben Griffiths in 69th, Matthew Biggs (V35) in 74th, Omar Ahmed (U23) in 112th, Adam Guy (V40) in 127th and Sam Chatwin (V40) in 149th.

261 athletes finished the course.

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