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The County Cross Country Championships were held on Saturday and Sunday 6 and 7 January 2018.

Warwickshire Cross Country Championships

U13 Boys

Birchfield Harriers had six runners in this event and won the team competition with 16 points. Our first scorer was Ryan Hand who finished 3rd, followed by Alex Dickson in 4th, Christian Chapajong completed the scoring team in 9th. Others competing were Caleb Coley in 20th, Daniel Hawes in 28th and Joshua Coley in 34th.

U13 Girls

We had three competing in this event and the team managed to finish in 6th with 82 points. The team consisted on Belle Skidmore who finished 24th, Vienna Blair in 26th and Milly Woodman-Booth who was 32nd.

U15 Boys

As ever, our U15 Boys did not let the Club down winning the team event with 9 points. Ryan Shields was the Country champion followed by Alex Stapleton in 3rd and Sam McFall in 5th. Our other representative was Jordan Fisher-Brindle who managed to finish in 11th.

U15 Girls

Just like the U13 Girls, our representatives had a complete team. Poppy Jones was our first scorer in 10th, followed by Chloe Pettitt in 16th and Maisie Jo Cartmell in 24th. The team finished in 5th with 50 points.

U17 Men

Michael Gayle was our first scorer in 6th, followed by Hugo Villalobos Finigan in 8th and Jared Malcolm-Roberts in 17th. The team finished in 2nd with 31 points.

U17 Women

Unfortunately we did not have a complete team but Georgina Mitchell finished in 4th and Caitlin McMorrow in 9th. 15 completed the course.

U20 Men

Our only representative was Reis Brooke who finished in 7th. There were 19 finishers.

Senior Men

Again we only had one representative in this event who was Ed Banks and he finished in 5th. 68 completed the course.

Masters Men

Sam Chatwin was our first scorer in 15th. Peter Dimbleby was our next scorer in 24th, followed in 25th by Michael Morley. Our final scorer was Simon Rhodes who managed to finish in 43rd. Our other representative was Lee Harris in 80th. The team finished in 6th with 107 points.

Masters Women

Our two representatives were Nicola Ross and Val Carter who finished 28th and 32nd respectively. There were 75 finishers.

Worcestershire County Cross Country Championships

U13 Boys

Our sole representative was Alex Cook who finished in 7th out of 20 finishers.

U15 Boys

We had two representatives in this event. Joshua Robins finished in 1st thus becoming the County Champion and James Vaughan who finished in 11th.

Senior Women

Ever reliable Chloe Richardson and Bryony Gunn finished 1st and 2nd respectively, followed by Sarah Conway in 9th. The team won the Championship with 12 points.

Masters Men

Our sole representative, Jonathan Cullen, became the champion by winning the event out of 48 finishers.

Staffordshire County Cross Country Championships

U11 Boys

Our two representatives were Sebastian Taylor and Benjamin Ferguson who finished 11th and 24th respectively.

U13 Girls

Our sole representative was Hope Kendall who finished in 25th.

U17 Women

Savannah Causer and Rae Nicholls were our representatives who finished in 5th and 10th respectively.

Senior Men

Cameron Shankly was our sole representative who finished in 9th out of 40 finishers.

Masters Women

Our sole representative was Frances Vickers who finished in 11th. There were 54 finishers in this event.

Shropshire County Cross Country Championships

Our sole representative in the U13 Girls event, Amy Harland, won the event for the second year running.

Our other representative was Conal Smith who finished 13th in U15 Boys event.

Northamptonshire County Cross Country Championships

Our two representatives took part in the senior men and Jonathan Goringe won the event with Rory Grant in 3rd place.

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