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Midland Counties Cross Country Championships at Nottingham on Saturday, 27 January 2018

Senior Men

Just like last year, our senior men finished in 2nd place. The scorers were Rory Grant 7th, Mike Turner 11th, Jonathan Goringe 15th, Ed Banks 20th, Alex Tovey 36th and Ben Griffiths 39th. Other stags who took part in the event were: Orlando Corea (V40) 40th, Alistair Rutherford 55th, Jonathan Cullen (V40) 62nd, Jonathan Read 75th, Matt Biggs (V35) 82nd, Peter Dimbleby (V40) 133rd, Sam Chatwin (V40) 147th, Simon Rhodes (V40) 181st, Rob Deakin (V35) 309th, Keith Boxley (V45) 325th, Alex Parker (V35) 343rd and Paul Maguire 460th.

Senior Women

Though the course was thoughtfully arranged it did pass through a notoriously boggy bit. We were a bit depleted on numbers with seven athletes turning out nevertheless we put on a good performance with most athletes improving on past results.  We were 5th team.

Katie Allen has had some mixed performances recently for various reasons but today got a result to be happy with finishing in 10th place only fading slightly after getting a bit stuck in the boggy bit on the final lap.
Lizzie Watters seems to have finally recovered from a lingering cold and chest problem, she resumed her upward results curve and finished 2nd scorer in 35th place.
Jennie Parker struggles with the difficult task of being a busy hospital doctor and maintaining regular training but still turned in a good run to finish 43rd.
Frances Vickers must have finished well up in the Masters category to close the scoring in 52nd.
Sarah Conway still on the comeback trail finished 58th.
Kathryn Salt was 85th
Nicola Ross a very creditable 105th.

There were 249 finishers.

Report by Eddie Cockayne Senior Women Team Manager

Under 17 Men

The team finished in 7th position. The team scorers were Nathan Casey 41st, Daniel Swain 52nd, Hugo Villalobos Finigan 56th and Silas Goshawk 62nd.

Under 15 Boys

Just like last year the young stags finished in third. The team scorers were Ryan Shields 12th, followed by Joshua Robins in 13th and Sam McFall in 19th. Our final scorer was Henri Bedford wo finished in 78th.

Under 13 Boys

Great improvement for our young stags. They finished in 6th last year but improved to 3rd this year. Our first scorer was Ryan Hand in 14th, followed by AlexDickson in 19th, Christian Chapajong 23rd and  Seb Taylor 51st. Alexander Cook finished in 67th.

Under 13 Girls

Our first scorer was ever reliable Amy Harland who finished in 18th, followed by Emmeline Grace in 29th, Anisa Hamilton in 78th and Caitlin Casey in 111th. The team finished in 8th.

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