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Final cross country fixtures were held at Wolverhampton at the weekend with both our senior ladies and senior men winning their last matches. Senior women retained their title but our senior men finished third overall just two points short of silver medal.

Midland Women’s Cross Country League, Race 4 held at Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton on Saturday, 10 February 2018

So at the end of another tough season of Midland League cross country racing, we are victorious yet again. It looked a bit tense in the week but eventually we assembled a team to take on anyone, however anyone didn’t turn up and our nearest rivals Birmingham University could only manage to get one runner in with our four scorers. Going back ten years I could only find one team who have won back to back league titles and they were a University team so a little bit of modern cross country history was made today. Great to have the quiet shy Olympian who is Sara Treacy back today running her first cross country for two years.

Just want to say thanks to the Ladies who don’t always score for turning out and making it a real team effort without you it wouldn’t be the same.

A large field again took to the start and on the first short lap the black vests of Sara Treacy, Chloe Richardson, Bryony  Gunn , Katie Allen and Lizzie Watters were prominent followed by Frances Vickers, Sarah Conway, Nicola Ross, Kathryn Salt, Emily Weir and Sam Watters.

Going into the first of two long laps Sara Treacy “I’m not fit” took the lead closely followed by Chloe with Bryony and Katie just a little way back. Lizzie was still well up and the other girls were in the pack.

Towards the end of the final lap a Cheltenham runner (Div. 2) judged the distance to the finish better than Sara and put in a surge on the downhill stretch to open a gap which Sara couldn’t close so she finished 2nd  but 1st in our league and a happy girl to come through unscathed.

Chloe Richardson meanwhile was trying to work out why she felt awful, though a heavy cold had prevented her from competing two weeks previously and still might have been affecting her. She still turned in a good effort to finish 2nd and has been a major factor in us retaining the title.

Bryony Gunn ran the BUCS xc last week and wasn’t happy to be a faller in the ditch but today she redeemed herself to be 3rd scorer in 6th position. She also has been a major influence on the team success.

Katie Allen never knows which Katie is running on a given day and today was a bit of a struggle but never one to give up easily managed to hold position and close the scoring in 8th. Katie is always there for the team and will be sadly missed next winter.

Lizzie Watters was 21st, Sarah Conway 22nd, Frances Vickers 32nd, Kathryn Salt 64th, Nicola Ross 78th, Sam Watters 116th and Emily Weir 144th.

There were 170 finishers in Div. 1

Report by Eddie Cockayne (Team Manager)

Birmingham and District Cross Country League held at Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton on Saturday, 10 February 2018

SMCC20182004. A great athletics year, notably at the Athens Olympics where Kelly Holmes achieved a memorable middle distance golden double and who can ever forget the men’s 4 x 100m epic charge to relay victory.

On scouring the history books, 2004 was also the most recent time the Birchfield Men finished in the top three at the Birmingham and District Cross Country League. That’s right fact fans, 14 long years inc just missing out with 4th last season. Until now. On a fine day for the Stags and following on from the team silver at the Midland XC Championships 2 weeks ago, the men’s team convincingly won the 4th and final fixture with a super low score of 88 points. In doing so we finished 3rd overall, narrowly missing out on 2nd place by 2 points.

It’s great to see participation in the league grow each year. 300 runners at the final fixture, 40 up on last year, 100 higher than 4 years ago. We had a massive 22 runners take part on the churned up muddy course. 13 finishers in the top 100 meant the B Team finished a creditable 3rd on the day and 3rd overall.

Special mention to Jonathan Goringe. His best ever season, he finished in 2nd place across the series, a fantastic performance. I am sure coach Dave Lawrence, at home recuperating from his knee operation, will be very happy. We all missed you yesterday Dave and wish you a successful recovery.

Thank you to every runner who took part during the season. Special thank you to Chris Collis who volunteered as our finish line official for all 4 races. A final big thank you to all of the brilliant volunteers, supporters, family, friends, and coaches who all helped make this a special season for Birchfield Harriers. Here’s to more success in 2018 and beyond.

Race positions; Will Richardson 3rd, Jonathan Goringe 4th, Ed Banks 12th, Mike Tanner 13th, Matthew Missen 24th, Rory Grant 32nd, Ben Griffiths 43rd, Orlando Corea 53rd, Matt Biggs 81st, Andrew peat 82nd, Tesfay Towelled 87th, Jonathan Reed 92nd, Teklay Gebrekiden 97th, Reise Brooke 120th, Michael Morley 137th, Alistair Rutherford 149th, Pete Dimbleby 151st, Lee Harris 165th, Simon Rhodes 168th, Chris Larvin 185th, Rob Deakin 250th, Stephen McCann 285th.

Report by Orlando Corea

West Midlands Young Athletes League held at Aldersley Stadium Wolverhampton on Sunday, 11 February 2018

Following the seniors, our athletes were at Wolverhampton of on the following day. The results were:

U11 Boys:

We had a full team. Ash Burgess finished in 7th, followed by Charlie Smith in 20th. The other scorers were Jack Hendley Smith 57th, Harvey Graham 62nd and Kristian Corbin in 82nd. the team finished in 6th with 777 points. Our athletes who took part were Simeon Swain in 86th, Irtiza Ahmad in 112th and Nitin Arya Puligari in 119th. Overall the team finished in 5th with 3158 points. Overall our highest placed athlete was Ash Burgess in 7th.

U11 Girls

Amira Hamilton finished in 2nd. She was followed home by Kelly Wagstaff in 28th, Erin Sullivan in 41st, Cassie Person 55th and Katie Collis 72nd. Just like the boys, the girls also finished in 6th with 807 points. Overall the team finished in 8th with 2742 with Amira Hamilton finishing 3rd overall.

U13 Boys

We had three athletes in the first 10. They were Christian Chapajong 6th, Alex Dickson 7th and Jensen Peake 9th. Other athletes were William Finlay 33rd, Alex Cook 41st, Daniel Hawes 54th, Samuel Fagan 61st, Caleb Coley 63rd and Joshua Coley 79th. The team finished in 2nd with 909 points. Overall the team finished in 2nd place with 3547 points. We had two athletes in the first ten overall. They were Alex Dickson in 7th and Jensen Peake in 9th.

U13 Girls

Hope Kendall finished in 26th, followed by Lola Orton 35th, Milly Woodman-Booth 61st, Vienna Blair 63rd, Belle Skidmore 66th, Caitlin Casey 72nd, Abby Hurley 76th, Esme Capp 90th and Holly Morton 94th. The team finished in 8th with 754 points. Overall the girls finished in 8th with 3061. Our highest place athlete overall was Hope Kendall in 27th.

U15 Boys

Our greatest achievement. The boys won the race with 951 points and for some reason Josh Robins was disqualified after finishing in 6th. Our team consisted of Ryan Shield 2nd, Sam McFall 7th, Alex Stapleton 9th, Dylan King 17th, James Vaughan 23rd, Conal Smith 25th, Kyle Corbin 33rd, Henri Bedford 52nd and Zac Wagenfuhrer 63rd. Overall the boys finished in 1st place with 3784 points. We had three athletes in the first ten overall. They were Ryan Shield in 2nd, Dylan King in 7th and Sam McFall in 9th.

U17 Men

Michael Gayle was our first scorer finishing in 14th, followed by Hugo Villalobos Finigan 18th, Jared Malcolm Roberts 20th, Ben Prince 22nd, Daniel Swain 25th, Nathan Casey 31st, Silas Goshawk 36th and Noah Cooke 52nd. The team finished in 4th with 551 points. Overall the team finished in 5th with 2147 and Michael Gayle was our highest overall scorer in 20th.

U17 Women

Rae Nicholls finished in 15th, followed by Caitlin McMorrow 34th and Leah Spencer 40th. The team score was 514 finishing 8th. Overall the team finished in 9th with 1720 points. Savannah Causer was our highest placed athlete overall in 11th.

Overall the Club finished in 5th place on the day with 5263 points. Well done to all.



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