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Women’s report

Sara on her way to the fastest short leg

Sara on her way to the fastest short leg

Last year when we won it was a glorious spring day but as you can see from the team photo conditions today were somewhat less pleasant, in fact it was awful with frequent snow squalls and a bitingly cold wind. Last year I said our winning time would be difficult to beat but this team were only 16 seconds slower which was remarkable though we did have the two fastest time on long and short legs and all our team were in the top 10 fastest times. It’s worth noting the distances our Ladies are prepared to travel in order to compete for us.

A team

Leg 1 Tamara Armoush only two weeks after competing for Jordan at the World indoor champs made the journey up from London and swapped a short leg for the all important first leg. After a neck and neck tussle with Charlotte Taylor-Green from Bristol she came back in 2nd place with a time of 30:37 which was 3rd quickest of the day.

Leg 2 Bryony Gunn was thoroughly disgusted with the mud at last weeks Inter-counties but zipped around the course today taking the lead with a time of  18:06 which was 2nd quickest short leg.

Leg 3  Danielle Hodgkinson travelled the furthest, from North Yorkshire but certainly made it worthwhile with the quickest long leg of the day at 30:23 extending our lead to around 90 secs.

Leg 4  Katie Allen was not in the peak of health (again) but still managed to extend the lead to almost 3 min. With the 3rd quickest short leg time of 18:40.

Leg 5 Fian Sweeney travelled up from Exeter and consolidated the lead with a time of 18:55.

Leg 6 Sara Treacy, what can I say, talks as quick as she runs, and can talk very quickly. Took quickest short leg time by 20 seconds from Bryony and gave us a victory of 6min. 30 sec. With a time of 17:46.

Total time 2:14;27

B team

Leg 1 Sarah Conway (V35) is steadily coming back from a long injury and ran a decent time of 34:54 to come back in 7th place.

Leg 2 Lizzie Watters managed to snatch a place up to 6th despite looking hypothermic and running 20:14.

Leg 3 Claire Grice (V40) returns to competing for us after a period which shows no diminishing of talent though slipping 1 place with a time of 35:07.

Leg 4  Susie McManus is also making steady progress which took her into the top 10 places for times and regained a place to return in 6th with a time of 19:17.

Leg 5 Kathryn Salt held on to this place with a time of 23:03

Leg 6 Sam Watters completes the Watters contribution to the day by closing the scoring in 7th place with a time of 24:39

Total time 2:37:14

C Team

Leg 1 Nicola Ross (V40) is a great club person and willingly took a long leg to run a time of 39:16 to come back in 27th

Leg 2 Lisa Wright running in her first relay ran 25:41 to finish 28th

Leg 3 Sara Travis (V35) also sportingly agreed to a long leg which she completed in 41:14 to close our incomplete team.

Bit shout out to senior management as ever and Steve McCann for helping us to put up the tent at  8:00 am. Also John, Jill Griffiths and Emma Dodd plus the lads from the men’s team who helped us decamp.

Report by Eddie Cockayne


Men’s Report

A Team

Leg 1 William Richardson (U20) ran the fastest long leg of the day 26:41 and gave us a lead of 59 secs

Leg 2 Ed Banks maintained our lead with a time of 28:10

Leg 3 Jonathan Gorringe ran the fastest leg in Stage 4 with a time of 27:23 keeping us still in first place. This was also the fourth quickest long leg of the day.

Leg 4 Mike Tanner completed the leg in 27:29 still keeping us in 1st. He was the 7th quickest long leg runner of the day.

Leg 5 Matthew Missen was in the short leg and, with a time of 16:39, still kept us in the lead

Leg 6 Alex Tovey also maintained our first position with a time of 16:17. His time was the 10th quickest of the short leg of the day.

Leg 7 Ben Griffiths dropped to 2nd with his time of 17:06 who was unfortunate enough to run against the Bristol and West athlete who ran the fastest short leg of the day.

Leg 8 Cameron Shankly (U23) also ran against two fastest runners from Bristol and West and Cheltenham and dropped another place to third.

LegOrlando Corea (V40) maintained our third position with a time of 16:36, third quickest in Stage 9. Then our youngsters took over

Leg 10 Harry Halford (U20)  also maintained our position with a time of 16:23 which was the quickest in Stage 10

Leg 11 Thomas Dodd (U20) ran the third fastest short leg of the day with a time of 16:02 and brought us to second

Leg 12 Then it was up to Alistair Rutherford (U23) to bring the team home. He ran the fastest last leg of the day with 16.07 and just 16 secs short of first place. His time was the 5th quickest of the short leg of the day.

Total time 4:02:21

B Team

Leg 1 Jonathan Reed ran 30:32 and finished in 25th

Leg 2 Jonathan Cullen (V40) brought the team to 21st with a time of 30:15

Leg 3 Omer Ahmed (U23) also gained another five places with 29:51, which was the eight fastest for Stage 3

Leg 4 Matt Biggs (V35) also gained 5 places and the B team were now lying in tenth. He was the 9th fastest in Stage 4

Leg 5 Simon Rhodes (V40) then slipped to 16th with a time of 19:39

Leg 6 Andrew Ridley gained three places with a time of 17:23 which was the eight fastest for Stage 6

Leg 7 Ian Dempsey (V35) gained two places with his time of 17:52

Leg 8 Tesfay Teweled ran 18:04

Leg 9 Mike Morley (V50) maintained our position with a time of 18:13

Leg 10 Alex Parker (V35) was timed at 19:17

Leg 11 Peter Dimbleby (V40) also maintained our position with a time of 18:34

Leg 12 Teklay Gebrekidan (U23) brought the team home in ninth with a time of 18:25

Total time 4:27:49

C Team

Leg 1 Adam Guy (V40) ran 33.37

Leg 2 Stephen McCann (V45) was timed at 39:43

Leg 3 Steven Julian ran 36:26

Leg 4 Dave McCarthy (V40) completed the last of the long leg in 38:10

Leg 5 Lee Harris (V40) maintained his position with 20.05

Leg 6 Windel Simpson (V55) gained a place with 23.36

Leg 7 Kevin Wakerley (V55) maintained his position with 20.18

Leg 8 Paul Joyce (V45) completed in 23:36 to  bring home the incomplete team

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