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Both our senior men and women were in action at the weekend. The men were at Cardiff on Saturday, 2 June 2018 competing in their 2nd match of the season, while the women were at Eton competing in their first match. The men won their event comfortably with 337 points. The Stags have now won both their first two matches and lying 1st with 16 points with City of Sheffield & Dearne AC with 12 points. The full results from the men’s match were as follows:
100 metres: (A) 1st Leon Reid 10.58, (B) 1st Elliott Powell (U23) 10.87
200 metres: (A) 1st Leon Reid 20.78, (B) 1st Elliott Powell (U23) 21.29
400 metres: (A) 1st Sadam Koumi 46.41, (B) 1st Charles Hilliard (U20) 47.42 (PB)
800 metres: (A) 2nd Jack Hallas 1:51.31 (SB), (B) 2nd Patrick Taylor (U23) 1:54.91
1500 metres: (A) 6th Will Richardson (U23) 3:56.59 (SB), (B) 6th Jack Hallas 4:04.95
5000 metres: (A) 3rd Kadar Omar Abdullahi (U23) 14:18.20 (PB), (B) 2nd Omar Ahmed (U23) 14:51.91 (PB)
3000 metres steeplechase: (A) 5th Jonathon Gorringe 9:28.78 (SB), (B) 4th Omar Ahmed (U23) 10.03.49 (PB)
110 metres Hurdles: (A) 4th Onajite Okoro 15.14 (SB), (B) 6th Edirin Okoro 17.83 (SB)
400 metres Hurdles: (A) 8th Jonathan Gorr 84.01 (SB), (B) 6th Ed Banks 72.61 (PB)
Long Jump: (A) 3rd Scott Hall 7.28, (SB) (B) 4th Thomas Harrington (U23) 6.90
Triple Jump: (A) 4th Scott Hall 15.31, (B) 4th Thomas Harrington (U23) 13.68 (PB)
High Jump: (A) =4th Rory Dwyer (U23) 2.03, (B) 4th Onajite Okoro 1.88
Pole Vault: (A) 2nd Jack Phipps 4.93, (B) 7th Onojite Okoro 2.63 (SB)
Shot: (A) 3rd Daniel Cartwright (U23) 15.62, (B) 6th Chris Shorthouse 11.97 (SB)
Discus: (A) 4th Najee Fox 50.52 (SB), (B) 3rd Daniel Cartwright (U23) 45.78 (PB)
Hammer: (A) 4th Chris Shorthouse 61.61, (B) 1st James Bedford 62.78
Javelin: (A) 1st Greg Millar 70.85 (SB), (B) 3rd Craig Lacy 56.82
4x100m Relay: 1st Jack Lawrence (U23), Elliott Powell (U23) , Leon Reid, Kaie Chambers-Brown (U20) 40.30 (SB)
4x400m Relay: 1st Sadam Koumi, Jarryd Dunn, Elliot Rutter, Charles Hilliard (U20) 3:09.85
Points (subject to scrutiny):
1st 337 points Birchfield Harriers
2nd 308 points Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers
3rd 299 points Woodford Green & Essex Ladies
4th 273.5 points City of Sheffield & Dearne AC
5th 272.5 points Newham & Essex Beagles AC
6th 264.5 points Cardiff AAC
7th 226.5 points Thames Valley Harriers
8th 213 points Swansea Harriers
Points after 2 matches:
1st 16.0 points Birchfield Harriers (682.0)
2nd 12.0 points City of Sheffield & Dearne AC (591.5)
3rd 12.0 points Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers (567.0)
4th 9.0 points Woodford Green & Essex Ladies (545.0)
5th 9.0 points Cardiff AAC (544.5)
6th 6.0 points Newham & Essex Beagles AC (514.5)
7th 6.0 points Thames Valley Harriers (476.5)
8th 2.0 points Swansea Harriers (449.0)

For the women it was also a great day. They had last minute injuries and had to rely on their up-and-coming youngsters to take part and fill in the gaps. Their score of 239 points was the highest recorded and was 36 points more than the second placed current champions Thames Valley Harriers. The full results from the women’s match were as follows:
100 metres: (A) 4th Mica Moore 11.82 (SB), (B) 3rd Cassie-Ann Pemberton (U20) 12.05 (SB)
200 metres: (A) 3rd Diani Walker 23.72 (PB), (B) 2nd Nikita Campbell-Smith (U23) 24.67
400 metres: (A) 4th Amy Hillyard (U23) 56.18, (B) 1st Ese Okoro 54.51 (SB)
800 metres: (A) 7th Katie Allen 2:15.20, (B) 2nd Susan McManus 2:16.39 (PB)
1500 metres: (A) 1st Ejiro Okoro 4:30.66 (SB), (B) 3rd Susan McManus 4:41.38 (PB)
3000 metres: (A) 2nd Chloe Richardson 9:50.40 (SB), (B) 1st Fian Sweeney (U23) 10:05.90 (SB)
2000 metres steeplechase: (A) 2nd Stacie Taylor 7:01.95 (SB)
100 metres Hurdles: (A) 2nd Heather Paton (U23) 13.80, (B) 2nd Anya Bates (U20) 14.37 (SB)
400 metres Hurdles: (A) 1st Meghan Beesley 56.71, (B) 1st Georgina Rogers (U23) 60.10
Long Jump: (A) 4th Anya Bates (U20) 5.69, (B) 8th Mica Moore 4.96 (PB)
Triple Jump: (A) 2nd Sineade Gutzmore 13.22 (SB), (B) 1st Abbaz Shayaam-Smith (U20) 12.36,
High Jump: (A) 6th Olivia Jones (U20) 1.60, (B) 7th Chloe Preston (U23) 1.50
Pole Vault: (A) 3rd Sophie Cook 3.80, (B) 2nd Elizabeth Edden 3.70
Shot: (A) 3rd Eden Francis 15.74, (B) 4th Candy Lockett (U20) 10.43
Discus: (A) 3rd Eden Francis 47.96, (B) 4th Candy Lockett (U20) 34.26
Hammer: (A) 6th Candy Lockett (U20) 46.31, (B) 6th Eden Francis 32.43
Javelin: (A) 1st Bethan Rees (U20) 50.30, (B) 1st Emma Hamplett (U23) 49.82
4x100m Relay: 1st Heather Paton (U23), Nardhia Kidd-Walker, Mica Moore, Diani Walker 46.60
4x400m Relay: 1st Nikita Campbell-Smith (U23), Seemita Gumbs (V35), Georgina Rogers(U23), Amy Hillyard (U23) 3:46.13

Points (subject to scrutiny):
1st 239.0 points Birchfield Harriers
2nd 203.0 points Thames Valley Harriers
3rd 195.5 points Blackheath & Bromley
4th 176.0 points Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow
5th 173.5 points Edinburgh AC
6th 163.5 points Trafford AC
7th 151.5 points Southampton AC
8th 125.0 points Swansea Harriers

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