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Barcelona 1992

Birchfield Harriers at the Olympics
1992 – XXV Olympic Games, Barcelona, Spain

Athlete: Clova Court
Event: Heptathlon

1st-2nd August 1992 – FINAL: 19th – 5994 points

Athlete: Sally Ellis
Event: Marathon

1st August 1992 – FINAL: 27th – 2hr 54:41


Athlete: Lorraine Hanson
Event: 400 metres

1st August 1992 – Heat 3: 4th – 52.66s
2nd August 1992 – Quarter-final 4: 6th – 53.60s

Athlete: Lorraine Hanson
Event: 4 x 400m Relay
Lorraine was selected but did not make the team.

Video: 1992 Olympic Womens 4 x 400m Relay


Athlete: Derek Redmond
Event: 400 metres

1st August 1992 – Heat 1: 1st – 45.03s
2nd August 1992 – Quarter-final 2: 1st – 45.02s
3rd August 1992 – Semifinal Heat 1: DNF
Derek posted the fastest time of the first round, and went on to win
his quarter-final. In the semi-final, he started well, but in the back
straight about 250 metres from the finish, his hamstring snapped.
He hobbled to a halt, and then fell to the ground in pain. Stretcher
bearers made their way over to him, but Redmond decided he
wanted to finish the race. He began to hobble along the track, with
pain etched upon his face. He was soon joined on the track by his
father, Jim, who barged past security and on to the track to get to
his son. Jim and Derek completed the lap of the track together,
with Derek leaning on his father’s shoulder for support. As they
crossed the finish line, the crowd of 65,000 rose to give a standing
ovation. As his father had helped him finish, Derek was officially
disqualified and Olympic records state that he “Did Not Finish” the
race. Redmond’s struggle in the 1992 semi-final later became the
subject of one of the International Olympic Committee’s ‘Celebrate
Humanity’ videos. In 2008, Redmond was featured in a Visa
advertisement promoting the Olympic Games. The advertisement
highlights his 1992 injury, noting that “he (and his father) finished
dead last, but he (and his father) finished”.

Video: Derek Redmond 1992 Olympics 400 metres final

Athlete: Derek Redmond
Event: 4 x 400m Relay

Derek did not make the team due to his injury sustained on 3rd August
1992 in the semifinal.