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London 1908

Birchfield Harriers at the Olympics

1908 – IV Olympic Games, London, United Kingdom

The 1908 Games were originally scheduled for Rome, but when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 1906 the Italians asked to be relieved of their commitment. The weather was very bad throughout the games in London except for Marathon Day when it was hot (26 degrees centigrade) and humid.

Athlete: Vincent Loney
Event: 1500 metres

13th July 1908 – Semifinal 4: 1st – 4:08.4 (Qualified)
This was the first Olympic performance by a Birchfield Harrier.
14th July 1908 – FINAL: DNF

Athlete: Archie Robertson
Event: 5 mile

15th July 1908 – Round One Heat 5: 1st – 25:50.2
18th July 1908 – FINAL: 5th – 26:13.0
Had he not been racing in the final of the 3200 metre Steeplechase on the same day, Archie could have placed higher than fifth.

Athlete: Archie Robertson
Event: 3200 metre Steeplechase

17th July 1908 – Round One Heat 4: 1st – 11:10.0
18th July 1908 – FINAL: 2nd – 10:48.8


Archie Robertson coming in to finish behind Arthur Russell in the 3200SC final

Archie Robertson coming in to finish behind Arthur Russell in the 3200SC final

Athlete: Archie Robertson
Event: 3 mile team

14th July 1908- First round, Heat 1: 1st – 15:05.6
In the three mile team race, only the three fastest athletes from each country counted. Archie was one of four members of the British team who crossed the line together holding hands to take first place in the qualifying heats.
15th July 1908 – FINAL: 1st – 14:41.0
Archie was 2nd individual overall in the event.


Athlete: Cyril Dugmore
Event: Triple Jump

13th July 1908 – Qualifying Round Group A – 4th – 13.31m (43 feet 8 inches)

Final Standings 11th – 13.31m (43 feet 8 inches)