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Membership Fees

Online payment is now available – Click here to PAY ONLINE via PAYPAL


To take account of the increase in the England Athletics Registration fee, membership fees have increased by £1 for the 2018/19 season. None of this additional income will go to the Club so the Birchfield membership fee has not increased for the fifth year running. It is critical that annual subscriptions are paid promptly on the due date of 1st April 2018 as you will not be registered with England Athletics until your fee has been paid so you will not be able to compete in any Club or open meetings as organisers will be checking entries and your performance will not be recorded.

Please also note that the Club is able to be sensitive and discreet in cases where there is difficulty in paying subscriptions. Please notify a Club official at the earliest opportunity (i.e. before the above deadlines) to discuss how we can help.

We now have rates for both Competitive and Non-Competitive members for seniors as we expect all our junior members to compete.  If you wish to be listed as a Non-Competing Member it is essential that you clearly indicate this when completing the Renewal Form (please understand that this will remove your eligibility to compete in ALL events – leagues, championships and open meetings for ALL disciplines). In addition, Associate Membership does not entitle you to vote either at a Club AGM or EGM or train during Club nights.

The figures below are new membership fees – for those renewing the late payment of 20% should be applied

Ordinary Membership Competing (over 18) Fee £65 + £15 England Athletics Registration Fee
Ordinary Membership Non-Competing (over 18) £65
Junior Membership Competing (under 18) Fee £35 + £15 England Athletics Registration Fee
Student/Unemployed/State Pension Fee £45+ £15 England Athletics Registration Fee (Competing)
Student/Unemployed/State Pension Non-Competing
Associate Membership £10
2nd Claim Membership for Juniors (Competing)
Please note Associate Membership does not entitle you to vote either at a Club AGM or EGM or train at the Club
Training Membership 
 Application for training membership should have a letter of support from your coach and will be reviewed annually.
Higher Competition Athlete (HCA)

HCA + Training Membership



Family Concession Fee £108 + £15 England Athletics Registration Fee per competing athlete
(1 parent  and 2 children U18)
£108+£15 per competing athlete
+each additional child Fee £20 + £15 England Athletics Registration Fee
For new members, there is an additional one-off charge of £10 per new starter/new family for membership card and welcome pack
Training Fees:
Please note that training fees are to be paid each time you train at the club.
Seniors £2.50
Juniors £2.00
Academy £3.50
Indoor Training HPC (extra to be paid direct to the Stadium) +£1.20


If your membership is not paid the following rules will apply:

1.               EA registration will not be paid and you will not be able to compete in any UKA permit meeting.

2.               No expenses will be paid and membership fees will not be taken out of expense claims.

3.               You will be ineligible for selection to team competitions for the club as you will not be considered to be a current member. This will include: BAL, UKWAL, Midland Leagues, and YDL as well as Cross Country and Sportshall competition in leagues.

4.               Members training on club nights at the Alexander Stadium may be refused entry, if fees remain unpaid, as this is a condition of  membership.


 New Members

If you are joining the club for the first time, you are required to pay an additional £10 administration fee (Not including Associate Membership).