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How to become a sponsor

Sponsorship is the lifeblood of many sports organisations and Birchfield Harriers is no different. We receive no external funding from UK Athletics or the National Lottery and rely on our membership fees and sponsorship to run the club.

We welcome the opportunity to work with businesses of all types for the benefit of our members. We support individual athletes at the highest level (link to 12 for 12) and other athletes through our teams which compete in a number of leagues. By financing our teams we are able to give all our athletes the opportunity to compete at the highest level and make the sport accessible to all.

There are a number of ways in which you can help:

Main sponsor

Currently Nike contribute a significant amount to the club each year.

Supporter of Birchfield Harriers

Supporters of Birchfield Harriers are organisations and individuals who donate smaller amounts to us on a one off basis or as a regular contributor. Any organisation who is a supporter of the club will be able to advertise their services on our website and to club members.

Sponsor an athlete

Many of our top class athletes receive no funding yet are determined to succeed in the sport and are financing their career through part time jobs. There is an opportunity to sponsor a particular athlete in variety of ways, examples of which are kit or shoe sponsorship. Anyone who sponsors an athlete will have the opportunity to meet the athlete and watch them train at a sponsors event.

We would be happy to discuss how we could work together. We are able to offer a number of options for our sponsors and supporters, from website advertising to promotional events with our current athletes and past champions.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact us on 0121 344 4858 and we would be very happy to come and meet you to discuss how we could work together.